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Aug 16, 2011
When I first started, huddles were non-existent or would happen once in a blue moon. And when they did happen, they were five or ten minutes; basically sales info, survey scores, and telling us what to do. Throughout the different crops of ETLs, they became longer and longer to the point where now they are 30 to 45 minutes. Recognition and then all the leaders saying their two cents, plus a task afterward.

I rarely go to them anymore as I usually go on lunch or have perishables out, plus all I need to know is on the PDA. I'm quite frankly surprised I haven't been coached yet. But to me they are a waste of time. And if I'm closing, I never bother going to the evening huddle.

How are these at your store?
Ours have gotten out of hand as well. I do see the positives about a quick huddle. The communication that is shared is useful but overdone. We so often hear the same thing over and over and over. On Mondays have a longer (10 minute) huddle. At this one huddle cover upcoming transitions, promo opportunities, safety focus, guest survey scores and upcoming FF&F events. At all daily huddles cover previous days sales, red cards, any potential visitors, recognition and any information relevant to THAT day. Sick to the huddle form. Too many people are talking about topics that do not involve the entire group. They are called and then they wait for an extra 5-10 minutes to wait for everyone to show up. A morning huddle that lasts 15 minutes costs 5 hours of productivity for a 20 member flow team. 1 hour for a 4 person POG team, and an hour for a 4 person Price Change team. These are areas that are all about goal times. So many times at the end of the week the ETLs want to know why you are 5 hours over on payroll. Look at the over-extended huddles!
Some how its beyond me that something needs to be done or I "happen" to be in the middle of something I cant walk away from --

But every once in a while I'll go to a "TWT" meeting -- stand way in the back - and laugh my ass-off at the bull-**** -- you-all have to put up with --
Most huddles are pointless. I seriously think most of the survey scores are bs. We are technically supposed to have three huddles a day. One early morning, one mid day, and then a closing huddle. Then of course we have a "smart" huddle to push pmts, clearances, or whatever the etls decide to do. For a while we had a freshness MWF schedule. At least it is back to only Fridays now. As long as someone does the SDAs.
Huddles are somewhat non existant at my store depending on where u work morning huddles no 1 from flow is allowed to be apart of because we are suppose 2 have our own of which maybe we will have 1 every 3rd full moon or so our morning huddles do tend to be long but they do somewhat help bc of information bc we push ptms & clearance or at times help plano blitz out a area that is being reset we haven't had a mid day huddle ever since the pfresh remodel and our evening huddles have switched to after we are done closing n zoning the store
Plano team tends to schedule our break right at the morning huddle.
It tends to be a bone of contention but the PTL has stood up on it.
I will skip them but have gone when I need to bring up things like messes in the fixture room.
blah blah sales,
blah blah dtk scores,
blah blah red card conversion,
blah blah pog %
blah blah price changes
blah blah reshop
blah blah instock

we are short handed (who are these people with short hands?)
so, follow the break schedule
come up for codes
greet all the guests
work but have fun.

% to sales, ytd mature, not making sales, hours short,

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Yeah, stick to the huddle sheet. I'll do some smart-huddling at the checklanes to go over the info via the LPDA with the cashiers, as they never get to go to huddles. Recognition, sales info, conversion info, safety message, and upcoming projects/visits they need to be aware of.
Morning huddles at my store are no more than 5-10 min, and if I'm the opening cashier, I try to listen as much as I can and watch for guests (our huddles are at Starbucks, so I'm right by the lanes). I'm not sure if we still do evening huddles - the only one I ever went to was led by a SrTL who is no longer with Target.
I definitely think the service scores are bogus.. aren't they like 2 weeks out anyway?? As in, today you find out what the guests rated you two weeks ago and use it as a benchmark of where you're currently at?? As if that makes any logical sense (but what does at target?? lol).. Plus hearing about how hours are tight and "Guest Service is the Name of the Game" blah blah blah obviously we don't need to say the same messages over and over on repeat like a broken record machine... Plus don't even get me started on recognition.. you want to REALLY recognize me?? Show it in my paycheck. I dont need anymore lame arse great team cards for working my arse off lollll
Nope. Guest Survey scores came out yesterday, for the week ending Saturday. That includes most DTK metrics - redcard conversion, speed scores, guest survey stats, etc.
Huddles are a joke. All the negative feedback target receives about team members not feeling recognised or valued, they think that putting that into the huddle actually counts for actual recognition. They used to be run by the LOD (ETL) and they would go down all the pertinent info for the day, and that would be that. they they started going.....hmm ETLs are far too important to do this - let's have TLs lead the huddles! ugh. now they're like "okay, well having TLs doing it is too easy also, lets have TMs do it and convince them that is it for their own development and let them mumble through the form, and have it take even longer!" ugh, so stupid. its such a joke. i always go, and i always used to give recognition but even though they rate you on it for your review - it doesn't matter since they just make those scores up anyway since i had perfect huddle attendance last year, and led the store in amount of GTC's (meaningful ones too, not just thanks for asking CIHYFS), yet was barely acknowledged on my review. i'm doing less and less recognition, and am trying to get there later and later. eventually i plan on not attending at all since there are entire teams (and TLs) who do not attend and do not get penalized.
just a waste of time at my store, 15-25minutes of pure BS that nobody cares about, i used to skip them but our newer STL forces everyone to go, even better is once i refused to go to huddle and play their fff game because i wanted to get my work done, they wrote me up for lack of participation and some stupid working as a team BS
Evening huddles are the least relevant.

The zone is bad. There's a lot of reshop.


The zone is bad. Minimal reshop.

The zone is good. Lots of reshop.

The zone is good and minimal reshop, great job setting us up for success dayside team

our sales

AP talking about boosters to look out for

Huddles are just a way for the ETL's to self gratify themselves into falsely believing they are having a positive influence on the store team. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. But hey, if you want me to stand around for 30 or more minutes watching you make a fool of yourself acting like everyone is totally into you and your pitch for fun and super exciting news so be it. I smile, I laugh, but inside I'm just thinking: "For the love of all that is good and decent, let me get my friggin work done!!!" But whatever. Recognition is kinda idiotic too. Unless someone has done something amazing like build a ladder to heaven, I don't care to hear about it even if I'm the dude that built it. I'd rather have the time to get my work done. If you need me to do something, call me on the walkie and tell me. Otherwise, I'd honestly prefer to be left alone so I can get my crap done. Hope I'm not the only one that feels that way.
Furthermore, I think an airing of the grievances would be far more therapeutic for the team. <- Look up Sienfeld if you've been on the moon for the past decade or two and have no idea what I'm talking about. Festivas for the rest of us!
I haven't experienced a Target Huddle (yet), but I think it's safe to say team meetings are important. Passing of good information, positive re-enforcement through recognition, acknowledging areas where production is lacking... all good information. The Huddles might be tedious and mundane but are also an effective way for you to understand your leadership and is a valid opportunity for your leadership to understand you.
That is correct. It is upper mgt's way of communicating with the team. At mine, we talk about safety, sales, redcards, & other stuff. The hardest hurdles are night, usually quick & to the point.
That is correct. It is upper mgt's way of communicating with the team. At mine, we talk about safety, sales, redcards, & other stuff. The hardest hurdles are night, usually quick & to the point.

Huddles are awesome at my store you feel informed and recognized for hard work.
I agree they can be informative. They are just too long. Too many people adding their two with any meeting, stick to the ageda(huddle form). When you fail to do this you have lost control and the attention of the team.
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