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Jul 8, 2011
April 2009.
A lady (can't give name for obvious reasons) fell cuz of a leaky/faulty/whatever coke machine and I was there. I happened to see it and I asked her if she was okay (I never touched her cuz I know better) and she said she hurt her ankle. I get my GSTL and never see the lady again.

3 weeks later, Target headquarters calls me seeing what happened (I filled out an incident report and stuff) and I told them what happened.

To this day, I don't remember if I saw her fall or not. I just remember seeing her on the floor.

Today, I got called from my store operator saying that the lady is suing (why now?) and they need to talk to me about something.
Ugh, I hate making important calls, I get super nervous and my vocabulary turns into that of a 5 year old.

I'm about to make the call *gulp* so.... Yeah. I'll post back what happens but why is this lady waiting so long to sue and I'm 99% sure she's milking it cuz she seriously didn't look hurt.

Idk... We will see.
No answer.
Her name was ***** ***** or something like that.

Her recording was still from Yesterday, lol.

BTW, if someone feels that this gives to much personal information away, please lemme know.
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Don't call her back. Let your lod or etl-hr know that you have been contacted on this case promptly. They will take it from there.
HLM is right! Don't call! Her atty will probably try to trip you up & cause you to say something incriminating. AP probably has the whole thing on surveillance.
Notify leadership. If they call you again, tell them to talk to store leadership.
UGH! Absolutely DO NOT call this person back. Let your LOD know what is going on and let Target legal handle it from there!
I don't think it was HER. It was a number for Target Headquarters o_O
Tell you store leadership that you will only talk to whomever on the store phone, in the store, in front of the STL. DO NOT TAKE CALLS AT HOME OR ON YOUR CELL. Setup call appts with your STL.
Hrm. Okay, I won't take anymore calls until after talking to my STL.

May I ask why is it so important that I don't talk to anyone? I'm just curious o_O
Because, if this is the plaintiff calling you, they are going to use whatever you say to their advantage.

Target pays lots of lawyers big bucks to protect themselves during lawsuits. And just because you work for Target doesn't mean that someone couldn't try to sue you personally.

I would let Target legal handle this. And you are most definitely doing the right thing by getting the STL involved. They can advise you on the specifics better than we can.

Since you said this was a HQ number you probably don't have anything to worry about. But having your STL or HR with you is good even if it's just to provide morale support.
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I'm with coolcatmom! Target has lots of lawyers and procedures in place, I would only make the phone calls from your store with the STL or HR present. Seriously, no need to make any trouble for yourself by getting yourself in a an awkward position.
This is pretty store specific, if it were me I wouldn't be posting information about pending legal matters on the internet.

Just my .02
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