Archived Just Dance 3 Release date?

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Jun 16, 2011
I know all of the advertised release dates are 10/11/11 but apparently the ad tomorrow is having it released sunday morning. If we are breaking the released date then it's $10k a shot for every game sold (last I was told).

After making sure the register's scan it, I checked on the message board and couldn't find anything about it.

Any ideas?
The North American release date was yesterday the 7th
Then why does our pre-sells say 10/11 ?

All of my signing is on that date.

EDIT: Just checked wikipedia and it said 10/07/11 while here it say's it's on the 10/11/11.
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Ad signing maybe corrected since then. Reprint it, then test the dcpi on register & see what happens.
I tested it on the register and it went through. I just was wanting to make sure.
Yeh, they do.
Reminds me of when the last Potter DVD was released. A girl came through the line attempting to buy it for $8 less than the release price, saying "that's what the label says". GSTL called electronics & they said it was behind the wrong label & they didn't know how a whole stack wound up there. Girl pitched a hissy so GSTL said OK. I scanned it & it came up "do not sell - street date". Needless to say, she was REALLY ticked when she found out she'd wasted a hissy for nuthin.
AP later reviewed video & she was spotted taking a stack & setting them in that spot.
Wikipedia is not even close to a credible source. Better off checking the manufacturer's website, is also pretty good with release dates.
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