MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

Ours came as duplicates bundled under one purple header for each POG.

If anyone upstairs is reading this: can we have the strips collated? Very minor thing, but it can get sort of difficult to keep the strips organized when you're tearing one off this page, one off that page...
We threw the strips away and printed all labels. Easier to move labels with all the flexing up there.
And so it begins... Instead of back to school, I just call it back to Christmas. Because it's all a blur from now till I see patio furniture again.
When are you guys setting BTS?
Our district had instructions that, even though it has a set date of 6/30 to not set until 7/5 or later. They didn't want BTS up before the 4th ended.
Did anyone read what we are supposed to do with the seeds shippers from odl? Usually we toss them is it the same this year?