1. SuperTarget

    Remodel Tips

    Hey Team! I'm heading off to another store soon to assist with the Presentation workload for a remodel store. I'm pretty familiar with setting pogs but what else should I know. They mentioned I would be paid for travel mileage. How do I submit my time? Im assuming im not able to punch in...
  2. B

    I'm Lost! Presentation Questions

    Hey, questions regarding presentation. How do you find the right adjacency for your set workload calendar category? For example, one of the categories I need to work is Kitchen but I can't find the Kitchen adjacency map to tie my pogs to. Also, when is the best time to tie a pog? I know...
  3. A

    General question with a POG rant! 😡

    Please! Does anyone have these problems? Ok, my store completely got rid of the presentation team, but kept me (my preference too because its what I like doing), but just me. I do basically ALL actual POGs (revisions are supposed to be done by the now GM experts in those which i...
  4. F

    Archived How to print List of pogs to set

    How do you print the list of pogs as far as for one area like if I just want all soft lines pogs for the week, what are the search terms to put in
  5. E

    Archived Presentation (POG) Questions!

    I'm not too sure if this is where it belongs, so feel free to let me know. Recently, a POG position has become available at my store. I've spoken to a couple people on the team, and they say they like it. I know that part of it is setting End caps, and signing, but could anyone give me a list...
  6. FredPanda3

    Archived How closely are adjacencies actually checked?

    Just curious.
  7. D

    Archived POG General Routine?

    Hi everyone. Just finished my first day of training as a POG TM. My trainer is very patient with (i ask a lot of questions). He's done well to get me through the general processes of, setting, pulling, and some pushing. However, I want to know the typical routine for a POG TM, like the moment I...
  8. FredPanda3

    Archived Slow pogs partner?

    I want to know if not getting done what me and my partner were supposed to get done is going to affect how many hours I get in presentation going forward. We were assigned a ton of pogs and we probably should have split them instead of working together especially since this Tm has he reputation...
  9. FredPanda3

    Archived Convertible rack?

    I knew this is a fumb question but I'm gonna be in presentation by myself for the first time and just want to double check. What's a convertible rack exactly? Is it the racks that have three arms instead of two?
  10. HearMeRawr3

    Archived SMF Shoes Merchandising Flexibility

    Have any stores done this yet? I'm terrified.
  11. Signduck

    Archived Who is on the other end of MySupport? (Vent, cry, laugh, help, for everyone!)

    I am curious, just how many people successfully gain satisfaction with the results when MySupporting? And from A to Z what do you have to go through? Time, repeating yourself? Do they understand you? Do you ever receive what they order you? And if like me do you do everything in your power to...
  12. HearMeRawr3

    Archived Upcoming Transition

    Alright... So did I miss something? We started our Domestics transition today. No where did I see anything about shower caddies moving from "Shower Storage" to "Shower Basics"... It ended up being a set all, push all kind of day.
  13. GlitterBerries

    Archived Pay question for new work centers

    So I know when you work more than 50 percent of your week in some work centers you get some kind of a raise. On my new schedule I'm in instocks and presentation all week. Would anyone know what that raise would be and how does that work. Do you get paid that rate only those times when your...
  14. softlinesjackula

    Archived Signing Team?

    Just curious... How many people are on the signing team at your store? Is there a signing TL? Do signing TMs do adset?
  15. L

    Archived Entertainment reset 2015

    This new set will look great when done but I feel like I'm behind due to all fixtures moving, not here yet,etc. Not to mention massive back stock from just cd's and movies. Previous directive at our store was flex d-code/nop out. Got to kid's books and at a standstill until fixtures arrive...
  16. P

    Archived Signing : What is this?

    It's used with the spider swivel sign hanging system. Need to order on SAP and can't find. It hangs in the spine and the hooks attach to it.
  17. K

    Archived VM TL

    Has anyone heard of this position? As far as I know it's new, but maybe it's just new to my area... It sounds like a logical next step after assigning planograms to presentation to allow SL to focus on guest service. I actually really like this move and hope it's a sign the Spot is getting wise...
  18. commiecorvus

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    After back tracking through the great Plano thread the other day to find something needed I thought it would be cool to have one thread dedicated to the nifty things we signing folk do to make our lives easier. I guess it's that our jobs don't exactly fit in the book the same way as the...