1. C

    POG Measuring question

    With the paper pog, I see the measurements between the shelfs in inches. But what part of the shelf are we measuring? So say from the 2nd shelf to the 3rd shelf there is supposed to be 10 inches between them, am I measuring from the bottom edge of the second shelf to the bottom edge of the...
  2. B

    I'm Lost! Presentation Questions

    Hey, questions regarding presentation. How do you find the right adjacency for your set workload calendar category? For example, one of the categories I need to work is Kitchen but I can't find the Kitchen adjacency map to tie my pogs to. Also, when is the best time to tie a pog? I know...
  3. E

    Archived POGS in the shoe department

    Does anyone understand how to do POGS? specifically in the shoe departments
  4. D

    Archived Magnetic Dividers

    Is anybody having trouble ordering magnetic Dividers or where I can order them? On SAP they don't come up when I type in the part numbers.
  5. Starlark

    Archived 3 Days of!!

    I'm a softlines tm (with Spot a year and a half) and I've gradually gotten more time with the vmg and setting pogs, but NEVER on my own. I shadowed a brand tm but only 4 times with huge gaps between. I realize I ought to gave taken notes! I barely remember the basic process before pulling. All...
  6. Anelmi

    Archived Hearth & Hand

    How'd your sales go for this? Ours started slowly but have been picking up. Quickly selling out of some items and unfortunately those same items also sold out online so the in store/online sales capture isn't happening.
  7. RunForACallBox

    Archived T-A-T 2017

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to display box trees on the tree flat? The planogram way is stupid and makes no sense. I’d like to display all trees but we run out of space quickly.
  8. P

    Archived Planograms on zebra devices?

    I'm able to access the OLP (Online Planograms) on the zebra devices when I scan a POG. This makes it so much easier to get rid off the paper pogs. What do y'all think? Did you face any issues on this?
  9. D

    Archived POG General Routine?

    Hi everyone. Just finished my first day of training as a POG TM. My trainer is very patient with (i ask a lot of questions). He's done well to get me through the general processes of, setting, pulling, and some pushing. However, I want to know the typical routine for a POG TM, like the moment I...
  10. itzkate18

    Archived Just ready to give in..

    I've been on the Plano Team since the beginning of February. I thought I was fast enough to be on the team, yet I have gotten pulled aside 2 times already, and being told "you are too slow, you need to get faster at setting POGs". I dont know how to get any faster. When I set a POG, i get...
  11. F

    Archived Plano raises...

    The PPTL, just informed the Plano team that the new starting rate will be $10.50. That's a $1 increase. Did anyone else hear anything about this?
  12. B

    Archived How have the after-holiday hours affected your store?

    Well, let me start this off! Our backroom has gone to Hell. We're lucky to even have 3 team members upstairs pulling MyFA, Location Checks, CAF, Plano, Price Change and Curbside! We've been having pallets of overstock sit around for a few days because we just don't have the team to finish it. I...
  13. commiecorvus

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    After back tracking through the great Plano thread the other day to find something needed I thought it would be cool to have one thread dedicated to the nifty things we signing folk do to make our lives easier. I guess it's that our jobs don't exactly fit in the book the same way as the...