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Oct 12, 2018
This is a big WIP, feel free to add things and I will continue to update the post

8355 (Credit to @REDcardJJ for making this)

Areas of the Store

- The extension for the Cash Office. May be announced when an LOD is needed in the cash office. In some stores this is known as a Code Black
BTS - Back to school, in mini seasonal and main seasonal
Bullseye's Playground (One Spot) - A section near the front of the store that sells assorted trinkets for either a dollar, $3, $5, $7, or $9
Cash Office - The part of the store where money is handled when not in the register.
Domestics - Bath, Home Goods, Home Improvement, Bedding, Furniture
Fire Aisle - A hallway between the stockroom and receiving in many stores. It should be completely clear
Food Avenue (Food Service, Target Cafe) - The "snack bar". Some Food Avenue locations may also include a Pizza Hut Express and/or a Taco Bell Express. Most stores have a Starbuck here as well
General Merchandise - The section of the store that is not beauty, grocery, tech, or style.
HBA - Health and Beauty
Mini Seasonal - A small section of the store that sells seasonal merchandise, especially smaller stuff (eg. for Halloween, candy will be in Mini Seasonal while costumes and decorations are in rear seasonal). It is usually either located at the front near the registers or in the back next to Rear Seasonal
NIT - Newborns? Infants? Toddlers?
Racetrack - The main aisle around the perimeter of the store.
Ready To Wear - The main section of women's clothing
Receiving - The part of the stores where the trucks are unloaded
Seasonal - An area (usually at the back of the store) that sells seasonal merchandise, such as Christmas, Halloween, patio, Global Bazaar, etc.
Style - (Apparel and Accessories) - The carpeted 45 percent of the store that contains clothing. Some items are softlines in some stores but not in others. Usually infant/baby supplies are in a section of softlines called "infant hardlines". This section has tile floor and normal gondolas.
TMSC, TSC, Clerical - Team member Service Center, the place where time-off requests, availability change requests, punch correction forms, paychecks, etc. are handled.
Trend Spot - Section near front of store with select items, usually from seasonal

Tools and Equipment

- The large machine in receiving that eats used corrugated boxes. You need to be at least 18 and certified to operate it.
Compacter - The large machine and dumpster in receiving that compacts garbage that cannot be recycled. You need to be at least 18 and certified to operate it.
Crown (Stacker) - Forklift like vehicle that you walk behind to stack/double stack pallets. You must be 18 and certified to use. This is a misnomer, the machine itself is a stacker. Crown is the company that makes it.
Greenfield - Diagnostic Toolkit. Shows various store stats and metrics, including guest service scores, backroom location accuracy, etc.
Go Cart- The computer interface used to order supplies, such as fixtures, bags, etc.
Kronos - App to view scheduled and trade shifts, server url is https://mytimemobile.target.com/wfc
mySupport - A website that provides answers to most common questions
Gift Registry iPad/iPod - iPads and iPods located at Guest Services used by guests to manage gift registries. iPads are usually on a stand while iPods are in red casing with a scanner
myTime - The software that manages scheduling, time-clock punches, among other clerical things.
myDevice - The Zebra scanners used as a replacement for the PDAs, used by all Team Members.
myCheckout - myDevice with a Verifone card reader attached to the back to Save The Sale (place an online order for a guest) or Linebust (Do a transaction for a couple of items)
NOP - Not on Planogram, meaning the item has not been set onto the salesfloor. Also slang for "Not Our Problem" by the flow teams.
PDA - Personal digital assistant - used before myDevices to do similar tasks except it actually worked well, reached end of life July 2019
POS - Point of sale. Basically the software that runs on the registers, can also refer to the register itself.
QuicKart (cart pusher, cart mover) - The machine that cart attendants use in higher volume stores to assist with bringing in carts. Must be 16 and certified to operate.
RFID Gun -
Walkie - Walkie talkies that team members (and the Indyme announcement system) use to communicate
WAVE - Work Assist Vehicle. Vehicle used primarily in the back room for retrieving merchandise from high shelves. A bit like a ladder, but a lot more fun! You need to be certified to drive it though
Workbench - A website that allows store team members to find out store stats, view announcements from HQ, and find common questions.
Z-Rack - A movable clothing rack used for stocking hanging softlines merchandise. Named for the Z-shaped frame on the base

myDevice Apps

- Used to change on hand counts and complete audit tasks (be careful with this one)
Empty Packages - Process empty packages for AP to look into
ePick - Pick OPU and SFS orders and complete Return to Stock
Food IQ - App for the food team to help sell and make recommendations to guests in their area. Search for a food/drink and it'll give nutrition info as well as recommended foods to pair it with and recipes
Move - Pull batches from the backroom
MPM2 - View sales, fufillment, shortage, payroll, and more data
myAlerts - Receive alerts for OPUs, POS alerts, and more
myDay - Is being piloted and the goal is to eventually replace myWork, Price Change, myAlerts, MPM2, and possibily more
myFeedback - Sometimes this will bring you to a survey about myDevices
myHelp - View mySupport requests, fix issues such as pricing errors, and check device statuses
myNotes - A notepad that wipes itself everytime you close the app, don't ask
myWork 2.0 - Scan almost anything, do almost anything, just poorly
Pack and Ship - Pack and ship the items you pick for SFS in ePick
Pickup - Process OPUs for the guest and alerts you of drive ups HONK HONK
Phone - Answer calls, place calls
Price Change - Work the price change workload, print clearance stickers, view last selling price
Price Match - Verify prices with competitors
Receive - Acknowledge the truck, vendors, ship to store, and store to store transfer
RevLog - Pull qa recalls, non qa mirs (merchandise initiated returned to vendor, sweep). The top 3 dots on the right will allow you to create a transfer back to dc (sweep), assign po for vendors , and processing the esim log.
RFID - Encode items with an RFID, find items with RFID gun, run audits with RFID gun
Settings - Connect bluetooth devices, reset the PIN, reset the device, etc

Other Things

- Computer automated fill
CCA - Confidential Corrective Action - Getting "written up"
DPCI - DePartment Class Item
Endcap - Front (odd numbered) and back (even numbered) areas of an aisle
EXF - Pull batches of items from the back in specific quantities, created in myWork, pulled in Move
Flex, FA, OPU - An order pick up
Flex - Put items in spots they are not supposed to be so you don't have to backstock
OOS - When an item is sold, it is added to the OOS batch, at a certain time of day (varies by store), the OOS will drop into Move to be pulled and replenished
POG - Planogram, the "blueprint" of a sections layout specifying which items go where and what fixtures and signing to use

Walkie Codes
Say the code and location three times over the walkie

Red - Fire
Yellow - Missing Child
Green - Injury

Departments/Fill Groups (need to find on Workbench or somewhere)
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Jun 11, 2018
Caf is computer automated fill
Autofill is when truck is acknowledged and combines with the caf becoming autofill
Oos is the items that were sold thru out the day and drop as and oos ( out of stock)
Receive - ?
RevLog - ?
Receive is used to acknowledge the truck
Vendors , ship to store , and store to store transfer
Revlog is used for , to pull qa recalls , non qa mirs ( merchandise initiated returned to vendor , sweep . The top 3 dots on the right will allow you to create a transfer back to dc ( sweep) , assign po for vendors , and processing the esim log.


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Jul 31, 2017
Trendspot is called CB1 now
It’s still trend spot the same way CB2 is still amp gifting. CB1 and CB2 are celebratory 1 and 2.

Also the only issue I see with the titles is PMT is PML not PMTL. Not a team leader just a lead


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Apr 30, 2017
Modernization speak and what it really means:-

How are you doing on that uboat?
Hurry the fuck up cause you’re slow.

Let me know when you’re done with your uboat.
Hurry the fuck up so I can give you more shit to do.

Are you zoning as you push?
Your zone looks like shit.

Can you do these 2 sales planners today?
Fuck you and your push, SD wants TWT at 97%.

Can you stay longer?
You have to stay , otherwise we’ll starve you for hours?

Can you do your reshop?
Fuck you.

Can someone clear the callbox in domestics?
Walk across the store and clear the box, you are the only GM tm scheduled.

you need to zone, pull 1:1s, push 1:1s. Push truck, audit and put up the AD in your 4.5 hr shift.
We really don’t know what we’re doing, so we are gonna keep talking, until you nod yes, to make us go away.

...more to come
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Apr 4, 2018
Food iQ - ?
Food IQ is an app for the food team to help sell and make recommendations to guests in their area. Search for a food/drink and it'll give nutrition info as well as recommended foods to pair it with and recipes iirc.

Formina Sage

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May 15, 2011
This will serve as the current terminology thread. The previous thread has a link pointing here.

Any posts that don't directly contribute to the main point of defining terms and acronyms will be hidden to keep this thread clean.
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Jan 16, 2020
Caf is computer automated fill.
Autofill is when truck is acknowledged and combines with the caf becoming autofill.
Oos are the items that were sold throughout the day and drop as an oos (out of stock).

Receive is used to acknowledge the truck Vendors, ship to store, and store to store transfer.
Revlog is used for pulling qa recalls, non qa mirs (merchandise initiated returned to vendor, sweep.
The top 3 dots on the right will allow you to create a transfer back to dc (sweep), assign po for vendors, and processing the esim log.
That's giving me more questions than answers ...
What's sweep?
esim log?
po for vendors?
esim log?
Jun 11, 2018
That's giving me more questions than answers ...
What's sweep?
esim log?
po for vendors?
esim log?
Sweep it’s salvage , crc , cheap pallets , etc done in revlog
Also done in revlog is transfer when you have overstock and want to send back to dc also in revlog
Esim log is weekly esim where you check your boxes to make sure are clear of spills and debris done in revlog
To sort esim is in my work
Po for vendor is done in receive for vendors
May 22, 2017
I was pretty sure that AutoFill, or Auto, was the first round of pulls, ie 11 o’clock. Like truck was pushed, autos were pushed to fill out what sold between yesterday afternoon and that morning ... and then CAF was completed auto fill as in afternoon replenishment... fills out what was sold between the last auto
Mar 29, 2020
Where did u see this ?

It’s funny that the Modernization thread was blowing up with hundreds of posts - until Feb. 20th - and then nothing new and nothing to say for over a month now.
I guess modernization complaints can’t compare to covid-19 woes.
Was on my schedule next to my times