To that one Team Member - II

Omg yes to all this! Maybe it's because I prefer to work alone, but seeing TMs in the same area chatting while "working" drives me nuts.

I usually work fitting room and I hate when someone else is in the area when I'm there. If you want to grab a rack of reshop and exchange a few words, great. But keep it moving. I work alone.

On the floor, same. Someone wants to come and chat for a couple of minutes, fine. But I don't care to work side by side with someone. It's just distracting. I can get more done on my own, with less aggravation.

The first year or two after I was hired we had a clique in Style that used to work together while whooping it up on the floor. Very loud and distracting.

This is why I've never been a proponent of "wave" zoning. It's just a bullshit excuse to blather on with someone else while "working".
TTOTM: It's extremely nice that they have two people working SCO now. It helps to cut wait times for guests if one of us is helping someone / fixing a crashed register / filling bags etc.

However, when it's slammed, I need you over here helping me, not three lanes away looking for more bags. It can wait. We had 5 blinkers go off simultaneously and I just about lost it. Thankfully our ETL came to my rescue and brought you back and told you to stay there until the rush ended.

I hope you realize barking at people is not an effective leadership method. You can see the results when no one volunteers to do Flex's. You felt unbothered to stop what you are doing to help out. Your peer was like " I guess I can help you out", Even if someone volunteers there's no appreciation it's like you expect it. Funny thing is people I know from Target tells me how "great" you are but I don't see it. I don't even acknowledge you as a leader.

Hugs n Kisses from NKG
I want to do something else besides pull priorities. Every single day I see you, you tell me to pull priorities and then another TL tells me to do something else because there are like 3 priorities. You tell me to pull and stage, but there is NOTHING to pull. You want me to pull one for ones instead? Great waste of time, but someone else is already doing that. I decide to push the MANY u-boats of freight that are waiting to be pushed, yet you tell me to pause and work on priorities when, still, it is in the single digits for GM and someone else is taking care of it anyway because guess what? You ask EVERYONE to pull fucking priorities. "Oh but there are x DPCIs in there though." THEY'RE ALL IN OPEN MARKET. I AM NOT IN OPEN MARKET. If you want me to pull THOSE priorities, put me in OM.
At least the other TLs save me from you, but my lord you need to actually look at what needs to be done before just jumping to "pull and stage."