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Worst products ever...

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by ranger1821, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Women's jeans in SFS batches. Our VM has Mossimo and Denizen jeans spread out seemingly randomly throughout the entire juniors section, and has the folded jeans arranged in such a way that makes it impossible to follow the pog. C9 leggings may be bad, but at least they're contained to a relatively small area.
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  2. AmICrazy

    AmICrazy Team Member

    Those ab belts (as seen on TV item) that were popular about 15 or 20 years ago. At first, we could not keep them or the watch size replacement batteries for them in stock. Then we ended throwing a bunch of them in the compactor, as they are recalled per the FTC for not working, as claimed.
  3. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 The Notorious O.T.

    I hate ASOTV crap...who the hell watches commercials?

    Also kinda lol that the Man had to step in and kill off such an obvious scam for being "misleading"...I mean I guess it's possible to get "misled" by that if your IQ is on the clock...
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  4. xzero

    xzero Shit From Store

    I thought OPUs didn't drop in again for the same item for 24hrs if we cancelled it. That's... frustrating.
  5. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    Ornaments in general. The dumb labels they put on them never stay on. And then when I take my cart of stray in the morning from last nights zone it's full of random ornaments with no fucking tags...

    The weights that go in sporting goods. I picked one of those up one time and almost smashed my finger, it was 50 pounds...

    Anything with glitter. I looked like some kind of fairy after today with all the bows.

    Anything that's glass. It either has 1000 layers of styrofoam or it's shattered or both.

    The huge ass $200 carpets. They literally weigh 50 pounds are probably the most annoying thing to ever see on a pull. The stupid plastic on them is so annoying and they're so big that they literally don't fit on any vehicle.

    Flour/Sugar. It always leaks all over me.

    Organic Tampons. Weirdest thing ever. It's like 10x the price and like 10x less of them. And the containers are fucking huge.

    Any shit that makes noise. Whether is be one of the dumb little kids keyboards, the annoying santa phone, the dog that always fucking says "I NEED A HUGGGGG" like bitch NO I NEED EARPLUGS! Also the dumb trolls microphone that goes ' HEYYYY IM NOT GIVING UP TODAY!!! AND NOTHINGS GETTING IN MY WAY!!! AND YOU CAN KNOCK KNOCK ME OVERRRR I WILL GET BACK UP AGAINNNNN! YEAH! TURNNN IT UP! I LOVE IT! Like I swear these things don't even have any battery left by the time someone buys them, they're literally going off everytime I walk past toys...

    Also, the cabbage patch dolls smell really weird and gross...
  6. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    Those square clear plastic Sterilite containers that always seem to be shattered or missing lids.

  7. HRZone

    HRZone Executive Team Leader

    Don't forget the idiots who refuse to detect them out
  8. Serpentina Solis

    Serpentina Solis "ITS ZUCCHINI WEEKEND!"

    I'm a noob and don't zone very often but I did shoes last week. Sweet mother of God, no.
  9. Tyrant

    Tyrant Team Member

    The first time I had to reset the fruit cup POG it was so goddamn disgusting. Shelves just caked with mold and cardboard and syrup. I nearly just tossed those shelves instead of cleaning them.
  10. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    And I would get talked to cause I defected to many out.. Not my fault the flow team only stocks either the bin or the lid but almost never both.
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  11. Target NPC

    Target NPC Hecking chiillllll

    That sounds even worse. I just hate how the packaging is always falling apart.
  12. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 The Notorious O.T.

    all ornaments are $3.00 just FYI. Even if they're not $3.00, they're $3.00.

    Have you seen that shaggy looking Project 62 one? you can definitely tell it was designed with Millennials in mind because it's a) ugly and b) overpriced

    As Pam once said, "COCAINE?!?"

    lmao, I've had several guests load up Sterilites with huge gaping holes in the corner into their carts and ask how much of a discount they could get off them...WTF
  13. slowhands

    slowhands New Team Member

    The talking dog in toys that wont shut the fuck up.
  14. Th1202

    Th1202 Guest

  15. JazzyPacks

    JazzyPacks Ship From Store Newbie

    I walked by this toy yesterday while it was doing its "rooster call". I thought about maybe getting it so that I could wake my sister up with it. But it would probably be too loud, and it would annoy me after some time.

    Another worst product ever (for me) is that stupid wolf keyboard for the little kids. I had one of those in my batch to pick yesterday, and it's whining sounds became really annoying really quick.
  16. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    Persil is the only detergent that has ever busted on the line and I didnt have to wash my hands at the end of the off load. I was actually shocked that it didnt eat the oil from my hands. So no its not evil, you just have a crappy DC.

    Our biggest problem products are strangely hot water pots, the 'in' toy and Legos. I still don't get way almost everyone has to open the pots. It got to the point that for 6 months we were spiderwiring them.
  17. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    I love this. I want to sell them in pets but havent figured where to put them because they stand up.
  18. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    or the bunny with the missing ear
  19. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    The singing Elsa is better. But what was best was the radio. I always made a point to research it just so one would always be in the store so I could play it.
  20. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    Whenever I see glitter on the floor, I always think of Kesha.
    There's a place I know
    If you're looking for a show.
    Where they go hardcore
    And there's glitter on the floor.
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