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    Archived How many of the problems at your store are corp related, or ETL/STL related?

    At our store it's a combo of etls and corporate. Our stl is new but a go getter isn't afraid to go in and do it herself. Our etls are lazy spend more times in their phones and gossiping. The new hires are just a waste of space. One I wonder how he remembers to breathe. The good ones are leaving...
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    Archived Black Friday 2014

    The other thing that stinks is the doing 8 hours then going home for 7 then back in for another 8 home for 7 more then back in for another 8. Did that last year I slept for 15 hours the first day I got off. Ended up sick too but I worked it.
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    Archived Black Friday 2014

    I have had line control in electronics for the last 4 years. All by myself. Never again after being yelled at, ask 20 million times if I had this or that left. One lady turned so red in the face because she was in the wrong line thought she was going to take a swing at me. Not fault you didn't...
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    Archived Go Out With A BANG!

    I would miss a bunch of mark downs then next day t ticket it all not put up balloons, take them down , then if I was in plano well god help everyone the havoc you can cause resetting an isle <evil laugh> if I was on flow my last day I would have to see who was sales floor or in stocks for that...
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    Archived By far the worst job i ever had...

    Worst job would have to be Jcp. No raises for 4 out of the 5 years. And when they did it was 5 cents. And hours where a joke if you where under 23 and where pretty you got more hours and all days.
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    Archived Drinks on the Floor?

    Backroom water fountain is always the coldest. We can Not have drinks on the floor only etls can have energy drinks.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    Ttotm no you can not have my hours. Just because you refuse to cross train, work evenings,work weekends or do anything that you might have to back up. That would be why I have more hours then you. So it is not OK to go to the tl and say well since he is getting hours elsewhere I should get his...
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    Archived Go Out With A BANG!

    Tell a few tm what I really think, call the Dtl and tell her what really is going on. Tape record the etls and the stl gossiping about tm and snag a walkie and play it over channel one. Put some exlax in the tm who likes to take other peoples lunches lunch. I am sure I could think of more.
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    Archived Bye Bye MAX FSTL.... Hello MY TIME........

    I am cross trained in at least 9 areas of the store and have open avalibilty still get about 25 hours. Yet someone who will only work in two work centers. Will only work Monday thru Friday and will not ring gets 30 to 40 and if she sees I have even close to her hours runs to the tl who happens...
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    Archived Bye Bye MAX FSTL.... Hello MY TIME........

    They are hiring another pricing tm we already have 4. Same with plano and they already have 6 and on this and next weeks they average 20 hours some less. It's nuts.
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    Archived Bye Bye MAX FSTL.... Hello MY TIME........

    Is anyone else's store hiring a ton of people since my time came out? We are getting no hours yet for some reason they are hiren likes its Christmas already.
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    How much are you making?

    I am feeling very under paid even by spots standards. But can't say what I make too many people I know on here.
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    Archived Things you MISS from Target

    The fun Knowing when I come in there is a plan in place for the day and I know I can complete it. Etls that had a clue People who I would gladly go out to dinner with. A decent raise
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    Archived Excuse me, do you work here?

    We had a guest flip a wig because they were in line and opened another cl and the team member went before her. She went to the LOD he said nothing we can do about they are guests to. We got a lecture later but oh well.
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    Archived Price Accuracy Pilot Program

    Ours do everything thing on the floor then back room. If we are done then we push clearance. Unless the next days work load is Hugh and there is only one person on then we try to get ahead.