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    What are my options with 401K after leaving?

    I rolled mine over into an IRA when I left.
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    Archived Would you quit Target for a "better" job?

    Absolutely and I did. I was there for 15 years and finally felt the "Winds of Change" blowing. Now I'm at a job where it's Mon-Fri (Sat OT optional when available) and everyone gets a bonus. Pay is better at new job as well, plus my mental health is much much better.
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    Archived NES Classic edition

    I didn't order it online....I was outside waiting on line which started forming shortly after I got there. 2 came in on the truck but no extra controllers.
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    Archived NES Classic edition

    The store I used to work at got 2 on the truck this morning....good thing I was on line early- ended up getting the console.....too bad they didn't have any additional controllers in stock.
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    Archived Can Target fire you for having a second job???

    My (now former) store didn't have any issues when I worked at Toys R Us as a second job. I ran Price Accuracy in the morning for Target and worked logistics at night for TRU. Many peers, ETLs, and the STL were happy with the additional knowledge I had from working at TRU so that I could answer...
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    Archived Na na na hey hey hey so long target

    Congratulations on getting out. Leaving Target was the best thing that happened to me. Some ETLs may try and convince you that there's nothing better than working for Target, but I will say from experience that I am much, much happier at L'Oréal USA than I ever was at Target. Good luck in your...
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    Archived comp shop fail

    Who asked you to leave? One time I was asked what I was doing and told them Comp Shopping for Target, and if there's an issue that I would like to speak with the Store Manager and if he/she has an issue, that the next time we saw one of their Comp Shoppers in my store that I would have them...
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    Archived Switching Workcenters?

    I'm a former Logistics Key Carrier TL, before that I was the Price Accuracy TL, and before that I was the Softlines TL. I have been gone from Target for almost a year and I am currently working logistics for L'Oréal USA Luxury Products. It is a breath of fresh air and a great deal less stress...
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    Archived I love target because

    I love Target because I no longer work there!
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    Archived FINALLY FREE!!!

    It's a great change. L'Oréal is a great company to work for and they actually treat their workers with respect. My hours are typically Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm, however, with this being Peak Season, we stay later and sometimes come in on Saturdays to fulfill more orders. I've been getting 20+ hours of...
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    Archived Industries?

    I work logistics for L'Oréal and I love it. Mon-Fri 7-3:30, though now that it's Peak Season, we are there til 6:30 some evenings but hey, overtime pays the bills. I've been getting 20+ hours of OT a week, and the best one bothers you while working and I don't have to work Black...
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    Archived FINALLY FREE!!!

    Well, after almost 14 years at the Hell hole known as Spot, I am FINALLY FREE!!! I have accepted a position with L'Oréal working Logistics. I will be using this as my foot-in-the-door to try and get into one of the labs. I'll still be visiting this website and I won't be a stranger. IT'S BEEN...
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    Archived Stepping down.

    When I stepped down from TL to TM and transferred due to grad school, I got to keep my pay and was treated like a TL in my new store. Once grad school was completed, I transferred back to my original store and less than a year after I had transferred back, I was promoted to TL again and received...
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    Archived Inventory

    In my store, Backroom is started at 4pm and Salesfloor is started by 8pm, so guests are still shopping....not always fun when NOF/D-coded items are thrown on the floor by the workers who need skew-checks and then guests complain about cleanliness.
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    Archived Getting past a Final Warning

    Meant "fucking shit"
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    Archived Getting past a Final Warning

    A TM on my Flow team was terminated for saying "I hate this ducking shit." He didn't say it to anyone or directly in front of anyone, but both the ETL-LOG and ETL-HR overheard him say it, and termed him on the spot. This event happened before the store even opened.
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    Archived #Workflow

    One minute per box? My team wishes for that- we were told 30 seconds per carton
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    Archived Flow TL goal plans

    Managing Talent - are the team members pushing correctly and meeting the 30 seconds per carton expectation? Are the backroom TMS pulling autofills in a timely manner? Is the truck being unloaded by the goal time? If you answer no to this, how are you managing talent to improve? Drives for...
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    Archived OH NO WE GOT A VISIT!!!!!!

    My DTL will sneak in, walk the racetrack without approaching anyone, as she wants to see if anyone will approach her, walk the backroom, and then, once she's finished doing her walk, will ask someone to get the location of my STL, but doesn't want the STL to be told she's there over the walkie -...
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    Archived Logistics TL self review

    Do you work Flow or Dayside? I'm Logistics Key Carrier TL, but I run the the trucks so my primary focus is Flow. As the Logistics Key Carrier TL, I own everything that my ETL owns in his absence (following up with SFT or whatever they're called now), especially when I get the email that...