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  2. R

    Benefits Bereavement pay

    My uncle passed yesterday and was wondering if uncles are included in the Bereavement pay, that way I can take tomorrow off to spend with family. Can’t really afford to financially if it isn’t
  3. D


    If I work ot in a week I have bereavement pay, does that ot turn into straight pay? Or do I then not get paid bereavement pay?
  4. G

    Please tell me that what happened to me today isn't the norm across Target stores

    I tell this story of what happened to me today trying to keep myself composed, as I am still trembling with anger. Here are the details. I began my Target career 3 weeks ago. During that time, I have grown to like it quite a bit and have even considered continuing on to make it a career. After...
  5. 1

    Archived Bereavement

    Hi if my wife grandfather passed do i get bereavement time for that.
  6. StargazerOmega

    Archived Kronos question

    So, my grandmother's funeral was yesterday. I notified my HR TM about this last week and she told me I didn't need to call the store and its be taken care of.However, last time I attended a funeral, the date turned blue, showing an excused absence the next day. As of today, the date is still...
  7. M

    Archived Funeral Pay

    My husband’s grandmother passed away on subday. When I got back to work on Monday, I was talking to one of our ETLs said I need to look into bereavement pay. He said another TL had gotten it when his wife’s grandfather passed. How does that work? How do I put in for the time off?
  8. E

    Archived I've got a complicated moving + family member dying thing??

    I've worked at Target for a little over 6 months. I like my job, but it's pretty stressful in that it's a high volume store, and I've been considering leaving for a little while now. I've had two family members pass away suddenly since I started working here, and a third is in the hospital with...
  9. Raquel

    Archived Unpaid Personal Leave

    I recently lost a child and I was told I could take personal leave by my ETL. He's fairly new. I also asked the HR team member and he said that I could take personal leave. He said there wasn't anything else I needed to do other than verbally telling them. I thought I was ready to go back to...
  10. Raquel

    Archived Bereavement

    I recently lost a child and I've been out of work for a couple of weeks. I'm part time. I've been with Spot since July 2017. However I don't think I'm entitled to bereavement pay. I've gotten absences for all the days I've missed. I've spoken with my STL and he told me to take the time I need...
  11. C

    Archived Need Help! Not Sure What To Do!

    Hey, I was hired on as a seasonal for the hardlines position around 3 weeks ago and so far I am loving the job! But I have a dilemma that I don't know what to do, while reading please keep in mind that I am only 17 years old and this is my first job I have had, so I apologize for lack of...
  12. Y

    Archived What to do during this hard time

    I just got news of my grandfathers passing this morning. As I can not come into work today for my shift does anyone know the policy for when someone’ passes away in your family? I’m so lost Do I need to bring something in to show them?
  13. D

    Archived Need time off but schedule is already made.

    my boyfriend's father just passed away, whom was like a second father to me since we have lived together for a few months and i need to take a few days off to spend with my boyfriend and attend the funeral. the schedule is already made though obviously. i need at least the next 4 days off (after...
  14. CsideMaster

    Archived Calling out for a wake

    A close friend of my family passed away the other day and services are tonight so I will be calling out. I told them about this yesterday and they said I still needsd to follow protocol and call out today. I know we don't get funeral pay for just a friend, but my question is, would I be...
  15. D

    Archived Bereavement pay

    My husband's uncle passed away this morning and I wasn't sure if that qualified for any paid bereavement leave. I have only a few hours of vacation time left and the funeral is a 16-hour drive away. I've been with Target 4.5 years if that makes a difference. My ETL-HR comes in at 3pm but my...
  16. CsideMaster

    Archived Funeral pay

    hey all, I made a post a couple weeks back about my Grandpa and how he was sick. Well he passed the other day. I went into Target and spoke to one of the HR bosses and told her everything. She gave me the week off. Now my question is, will I get paid for the days I don't work? I never asked to...
  17. babysitrmk

    Archived New bereavement pay

    Does anyone know what the new pay and time off is for a death in the immediate family?