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    Red cards

    How big of a deal are red cards at your store? Does the front end lead put a lot of pressure on you, to talk to every one about red cards prior to starting a cashier shift? The front end lead of our store straight told me how we all suck and they gonna start the red card rant again... everyone...
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    In a month, what is the largest amount of red cards you have ever earned?
  3. M

    Getting red cards?

    Does getting red cards only count if it is approved? Does pending red cards go towards the weekly quota?
  4. H

    I'm Lost! Red Cards after C-19

    Is your stores leadership driving advocates to get red cards anymore? It use to be a HUGE thing at my store... the expectations were very high but now no one even says anything if you aren’t advocating. I’m not going to lie - it’s been a nice change.
  5. D

    Ideas for games for redcards

    Does anyone have ideas for games for redcards?
  6. B

    Archived Worried about redcards

    Hello, I have worked at Target for about 2 weeks. The TLs have said I am doing a good job but I only have got one person to sign up for a red card. I really worry they will not keep me after 90 days because of that. I am fast when I cashier but the redcard gives me stress. I ask a lot of...
  7. G

    Archived Leaders! Redcard Incentives/Engagement!

    Leaders! As I'm sure we all know, redcards are making a big comeback! Any ideas on how to get cashiers back into the swing of asking for redcards and pushing them again? Any ideas of games/incentives for cashiers getting a redcard? Any ideas on how to get the sales floor team involved? Any and...
  8. J

    Archived Red Cards

    Can someone explain the key benefits for a customer getting a red card? Any tips or tricks to getting more red cards? If I will be at Target the rest of the holiday season, I want to try to do a little better.
  9. M

    Archived GSA rant

    So I have been GSA for about a year now at a C volume store. Our goal is normally between 40-60 and we hardly ever reach it, normally getting in the high 20s- mid 30s. It has become EXTREMELY stressful for myself, the other GSAs and GSTL with the LODS (mainly ETL-GE/SF and STL) up our asses...
  10. Bullseyerc

    Archived Is it possible for a cashier to get many red cards?

    The expectations held for our team is high! It's like they expect us to get five red cards a day EVERYDAY I wonder if there are some team members out there like that.
  11. SteveRodi

    Archived GSA who's awful with Red cards

    Hey! I've been a GSA for about three months now and (contrary to popular opinion) I love it! I think it's a great starting place for someone like me who really wants to do more with the company and grow into more leadership roles. My only issue is I suck at Red cards. I mean awful. Most nights I...
  12. TTGOz

    Archived Target RedCard opinions?

    I think it's absolute bubkis that the RedCard is going to define if I get promoted out of Cashier or not. I've only gotten one and that was because they straight up were there just to sign up for a RedCard. I've come to the conclusion that everybody either already has a RedCard, or absolutely...
  13. D

    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    Has this happened at anyone else's Target? Today, Red cards weren't giving their discount... what a fiasco, we ended up having to manually give them their 5%. x_x
  14. KingBear

    Archived No longer giving 5% with denied RC apps?

    I know, I know, ASANTS, but considering my ETL-GE assured me this was "a big corporate thing" I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this. Basically, word came from a fellow GSA (if you see my posts in TToTM, it's the bossy prick one) in 48-pt font in an email that we're no longer giving...
  15. Blackbutler42

    Archived Firing over not selling enough red cards?

    Is anyone else's store firing cashiers if they don't sell enough red cards? I went to pick up my coworker today when she got off work and she was talking to me about that. A gsa got fired also (signing people up and saving them 5% even if they weren't approved) Luckily I no longer work at spot :)
  16. S

    Archived Selling Redcards as a cashier?

    So i have worked 3 days and each day scheduled i was assigned a trainer to be with me. But the 2nd and 3rd day i was basically on my own except when i called the GSTL for help with a couple things like using WIC checks (which is a bit of a pain BTW). But i never saw my trainer sell a red card...