1. Calico Tapeworm

    How To Work Neatly

    Hey All! I’m one of those “born messy” people. I’m part of the remodel team at our store and am fairly new to Target as well. As we are setting up pogs, transferring and pushing product while guest are shopping we are told to “work neatly”. Sadly to say I’ve never known how to do that as my...
  2. F

    Remodel 2020

    It’s been awhile! Happy 2020 everyone, so our store is preparing for a remodel ya us! The last remodel was in ‘07 when we got our Starbucks! Our store still has the 90 neon lights around it. Store moral is really up and everybody is excited! My SD says we’re one of the first stores to go through...
  3. APBobbybooshay

    Remodel challenges for AP

    Hello all, It appears my store will be getting a remodel. Don’t know the details yet. As AP, what are some of the greatest challenges you guys have faced at each level of AP. (TSS, APS, APTL, ETL-AP, APBP) How did this effect your business, productivity and work life. Want to prep for the storm...
  4. Mikuhl

    Research: Store Amenities

    I parsed all 1849 Target stores and recorded their amenities CVS pharmacy | 1709 Starbucks | 1635 Mobile Kiosk | 1579 Drive Up | 1422 Fresh Grocery | 1357 Cafe-Pizza |...
  5. J

    Fixture Captain Role

    My store is going to start a remodel on July 1 and they’ve asked me to become fixture captain. They didn’t give me much detail on about the role. They only said I’ll be managing fixtures and knowing what’s in the containers. I’m gonna be the morning Fixture Captain and would have an overnight...
  6. Targetedbullseye

    Corporate Store remodels

    Does any-one know what stores are on the list for remodel this year? Why wouldn't corporate play this up more and release more press releases about it?
  7. M

    Two etl remodel?

    How do you split up 2 etls work load for remodel...
  8. S

    Game in the main walkway by the clothes.

    Does anyone else's store have a game in the main walkway? My store strangely has this game in the walkway by the clothes on the floor that you play with your feet. Strange that they would locate the game in the main walkway where it would get in people's way. Is it just my store?
  9. S

    Fitting room and restroom remodels.

    Has your store gotten fitting room and restroom remodels? My store got them. The fitting rooms and restrooms were closed while being remodeled and temporary fitting rooms were set up and restrooms in a trailer outside.
  10. signingminion

    Burlington, VT Store 3306

    Heading up to planorama this week. Excited to share pics. Not excited that the hotel is the only one out of three without complimentary breakfast and they've backed out of a stipend for dinner now....
  11. S

    Pfresh Targets that have two entrances similar to a SuperTarget.

    I remember reading something somewhere online where it was stated that some of the new Pfresh Targets that will be opening up in the next couple of years will have two entrances similar to a SuperTarget.
  12. S

    Red to gray.

    My store is getting the red lines on the sides of the floor in the main aisles replaced with smaller gray lines. Also most of the walls are being painted gray.
  13. S

    The local Walmart store is getting tile replaced with concrete flooring.

    The local Walmart store is getting a remodel and getting the tile replaced with concrete flooring. I'm glad my Target store is keeping the tile. Concrete floors are harder on the feet.
  14. S

    Does your store have wood flooring in the cosmetics?

    My store is getting wood flooring in the cosmetics and carpet in the books section as part of a remodel. Also the walls have mostly been painted gray.
  15. HLN13

    Service Ambassador

    Hey everyone - my store is going through a remodel and my ETL recently talked to me about becoming a service ambassador — she said it would be a solid 40 hours and that we just guest service people. I’m wondering if anyone has ever done this position before and what they thought of it? It...
  16. S

    Is your store getting a remodel?

    My store is in the process of a major remodel right now. Even the restrooms are being remodeled. The women's restroom is closed right now because they are working on it and women have to use the unisex restroom by the pharmacy.
  17. PackAndCry

    Specialty Question for anyone from a recently remodeled store...

    If anyone's store was remodeled this year/last year and got the new "fancy" fitting room, could you PM me? I have a question that's a bit specific to my store that I'd like to ask, but I'd rather not post it publicly. Bonus points if you're softlines/fitting room operator. :) Edit: Got an...
  18. IWishIKnew

    Remodel starting tonight - tips, tricks, war stories?

    Title says it all. Remodel veterans, whatcha got?
  19. D

    Upcoming remodel

  20. N

    Home innovation

    Hello! I’ve been trying to order additional shelves for the white bookcases in home innovation and I haven’t been able to find the part number. If anyone knows it or a which resource to use on workbench, I’d greatly appreciate it :)