1. checklane01

    Bullseye Gift Shop?

    Soo I was just chilling on the webs, as one does, and I found an article about this lady visiting the HQ. She mentions something about an employee only gift shop (image below). Can anyone confirm or deny this? If it's true, can any TM just go into the HQ and shop? Cause sign me up...
  2. balthrop

    Global Issues - It's a turned to 💩

    well more of a joke if it rankles any one then just delete it. so apparently if the sub reddit is to be believed we're are in another "Global Issue" system death spiral. so Mr Poo Emoji is here to brighten your day.
  3. fullfilmentbeast

    interview at new store

    I had an interview yesterday at the new target im going to I worked at target before I moved and during the interview I feel like it wasn't really one it went by quickly and after they said they would call me to do a second interview because the managers were in a meeting. Shouldn't they know...
  4. Zmaar

    I'm Lost! How long do you have to wait to put in your 2 weeks after you are hired.

    Hey guys so yesterday was kind of my second day at work. Although I have been hired for almost a month now, the whole scheduling, orientation and stuff took a while. So I applied a target near my house because I have worked at one before. But apparently target has changed its policy’s now and/or...
  5. babygirlcindy

    Calling off while pregnant?

    so i’m 33 weeks pregnant and I called off work due to the fact that I don’t feel good at all today. I think I have 7 call outs overall at work. But the reasons were all pregnancy-related and during those times that I’ve called out, I’ve felt super nauseous, sick and awful so I didn’t want it to...
  6. gsa4lyfe

    Another failed collaboration

    I can see it going as good as the hunter collaboration went....
  7. AclockworkOrange

    The survival of Target

    Honestly, I don’t expect to see Target thriving any longer than a decade from here on out because of you know who. And that who is Amazon Go. Do you really think that people want to deal with the bullshit of having to rely on cashiers, stumbling with wallets and cash, and dealing with everything...
  8. babygirlcindy

    4 am shift and pregnant

    so they called me to go in at 4 am and i’m softlines, i’m new at this but i’m thinking why do they want me to go in at 4 am like I wonder what the duties are since i’m softlines and i’m pregnant. I hope they don’t have me lifting or pushing anything heavy. has anyone worked overnight softlines...
  9. AclockworkOrange

    What would you do if...

    Some customer becomes real pissy like urine in a toilet bowl, and starts filming you whilst yapping about how wrong you are, etc. Would you run from view of the camera, or embrace it for the sake of entertaining a million people for YouTube?
  10. S

    If the American Target started opening stores in Australia.

    I can imagine there would be confusion because an unrelated Target already exists in Australia with the same logo.
  11. W

    Learning your store

    Hi again! I'm looking for ways to learn my store. I've been with target for about 6 months and still have trouble helping guests locate an item if I have no my device. If any of you have good tips on learning your store and where items are let me know! :)
  12. Shelf Stocker

    Discrimination/Retaliation #TargetComeForward

    Has Target discriminated against you on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability? Have you been denied reasonable accommodations for a documented medical condition? Have you spoken out about these issues or workplace safety and been told you were negative for...
  13. X

    Health insurance charges

    Hi guys I've been charged over the past 5 paychecks for "tobacco user" even though i don't smoke. Is it possible to get the money back as it is around 150$?
  14. The lost Soul

    I'm Lost! dtm base?

    Does anyone know what dtm base means in a payroll?
  15. S


    What are you guys referring to when you say SPOT?
  16. J

    I'm Lost! Access to the Wiki

    Hello, I was wondering how a current team member who is registered for this website to gain access to the wiki. Right now it shows an error for me.
  17. K

    Get Apps on Personal iPhone for New ETL

    Anybody know where to get set up with myPerformance, Red Wire, etc. on a personal device? New in role and just got access to email from home and I am hoping to get set up while I'm off. Thanks
  18. J

    Target Job opening

    I wasn't too sure about this, but my mother wishes to apply for this job at target, does anyone have any experience with this? Target Job Listing Experience would be much appreciated. Thanks
  19. S

    Target stores doing away with road signs.

    This Target store had a street sign: Google Maps -,-81.627574,3a,75y,251.68h,92.26t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sIKsHm_RhEpMEjAUVUTxV8g!2e0!5s20161201T000000!7i13312!8i6656 Now gone: Google Maps -...