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End to End team PILOT

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Apapaia, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. HRZone

    HRZone Sr. Team Leader

    According to my spidy senses you are FOS.
  2. Joel

    Joel Team Member

    So is it really true? Or not? I'm really worried, my store E2E is working great in my store, I don't want to go back to Overnight shifts again. I hate them with a passion. I'm very happy in my new position and shift at during day side. :(
  3. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    Tear up our processes. Leave us to figure it out. Right before 4th quarter. What's wrong with this picture?
  4. Kartman

    Kartman Gimme Moar Ours!

    Talked to my STL today and he said we were rocking it, up a million bucks or some such shit.

    Told him about the thoughts here and he was of the mind that "we" didn't know what we were talking about.

    So to speak.

    He also told me how ETL's were banned from participating here.
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  5. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    I think the wide variety of E2E posts and experiences reflects chaos with the roll-out. Chaos isn't what this company needs right now.
    Sell your stock while there is time.
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  6. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Dumped my stock last year.
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  7. MissCroft

    MissCroft Guest

    Oh gosh no! I hope it's not true. I'm really loving E2E, I have more hours now, very consistent hours (32-37 hours) compared to when I was overnight in Softlines. I would barely work 20 hours a week!!!!

    I definitely wouldn't like to go back those shitty low hours, and barely sleeping anything, working Flow again at 4am. Hell no!
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  8. HRZone

    HRZone Sr. Team Leader

    Rock lobster don't care
  9. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    ASANTS. It really just depends on the attitude your STL and DTL have towards it.

    What's funny is they started rolling this out to more stores in the Spring. But because things move so slowly and because leadership wanted to make it work, we're now moving into Q3 with a mostly broken process.

    I think the lesson here is take the time to make a plan during Q4, and implement it right at the start of Q1.
  10. jenna

    jenna Team Trainer

    To have the plan decimated by the lack of payroll in Q1
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  11. Him

    Him Team Member

    To actually HAVE payroll would be nice.
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  12. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    Add a remodel and you have my store. :eek:
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  13. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen ETL-Intern

    Remodel in grocery 2 more weeks.

    NEW optical will still take another 4 weeks.
  14. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Backroom Hero

    E2E over finally? Good and glad my store never fully went E2E. It's bad enough with market about 90% E2E and not able to ever backstock anything.
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  15. Kartman

    Kartman Gimme Moar Ours!

    It ain't over at my store.
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  16. No I in Team

    No I in Team New Team Member

    I tend to agree.

    No company worth its weight in salt would ever backtrack so hard on an undertaking unless the current regime was just canned.

    Too much at stake regarding image. Stock price would tank and all vendor agreements (lines of credit and so on) based upon performance would take a hit.

    We only see small portions of how this business operates. We are not exposed to the financial side. It gets real ugly if Spot doesn't perform well or has the appearance of getting the "mange" .
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  17. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    Store level is what it's all about. Do those people in management make the company money with bad, backward processes? No. The inference is that the disposable, inflexible tms in the store are the problem. No tm can outwork a bad plan long term. Any plan that impedes the unload, slows down the stocking. the replenishment, jacks up backroom and inventory and blows up team culture isn't good for the store. The store is why all the desk jockeys and c-suite people have nice paychecks. Apparently they need to be reminded. Rant not sorry. Nothing against NoI in team.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017 at 8:52 PM
  18. speedy

    speedy New Team Member

    I would LOVE to invite anyone from Minneapolis to come to my store and take one side of the conveyor during a 3 person unload one morning.....and stay on the unload for the 2-4 hours it takes to finish it, depending on the size. I'd hope for a 2500 piece that day.
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  19. BoxCutter

    BoxCutter Cut hard. Cut deep.

    E2E is here to stay in some way at stores. If your store or district isn't currently doing it and are fighting it, expect a lot of churning of leadership in your store or district early or mid-2018. We TMs have two options: 1. Get a new job with another employer, or, 2. Get used to E2E until it works, or until it implodes the whole company.
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  20. Kartman

    Kartman Gimme Moar Ours!

    Say hello to the new Boss...

    Same as the old Boss...
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