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How's Q4

Nov 18, 2017
The front end seems to be okay (the exception being the scheduling still sucks). As for the rest of the store, it seems to be going okay.


This was supposed to be a seasonal job...
Dec 9, 2017
Double trucks more days than not and so many SFS TMs & their damn carts we can't get shit done on the floor or in the backroom. (not blaming any SFS TMs for this)

Though we apparently have enough cashiers these days, as calls for backup are minimum.
Feb 10, 2019
We’re about 700 hours over payroll for the first week of the month. So all in all, pretty good!
Jan 5, 2018
You know we’re going down the hill too...especially flex team and guest service. You know it’s bad when all your etls and team leads have to help pick for flex orders and then help out guest service because they are swamped with orders and returns!
Jan 24, 2019
🤷‍♀️ Not sure how that happens. We’ve been in the hole before, but NEVER this bad. Oh well, as hourly, don’t care.
Yeah, not like we're going to do any better or worse as a result anyway. Would be fun to watch the ETLs and such panic in a way. If they didn't get angry I mean


Perishable Assistant Wizard
Aug 20, 2013
Double trucks 7 days a week I think 2 triple this week. Glad we started overnights back on nov 18th that keeps us inline and most getting Dione but a lot in the back room still
Jun 11, 2011
Salesfloor team since Sunday are being pulled from working their freight to working fulfillment. Back and forth through out the days. So naturally there are far less vehicles that are empty for the unload slowing that down. I'm having trouble finding a flat to put the UPS and Fedx Fedx deliveries on.
Oct 10, 2017
My team is doing good. The others are pretty stressed out but treading water. I scheduled my team for sfs to blow up so I’ve got what I need and am sharing tms for about a quarter of my payroll.

Front end is suffering hard with an extremely inexperienced leadership team, but they’re asshats too so we’re letting them suffer.


Cut hard. Cut deep.
Oct 16, 2012
any idea why?
My opinions:

Even though the backroom isn't a hot, steamig mess, Modernization, as currently staffed, is not getting the floor filled in a timely way. The truck push should not take all day. Guests want to come in, find what they are looking for and not wait for a TM to go searching for it in the back on the U-boats. When we do, this takes away time from stocking the shelves.

No backstocking has TMs (especially seasonals) shoving product anywhere on the Sales Floor and not store tying.

There are no "must have" toys or other items this year. Then, even when auditing a few times a week, popular products are not coming in.

Our Flex seasonal hires this year are the worst we have ever had. No work ethic, barely looking for items, and INFing like crazy. They go to floor TMs asking for help without checking all locations thereby taking away more push time from those TMs. Their TL is great but is burried under way too many horrible Flex TMs. Leadership won't let them performance any of them out. In addition, on the TLs days off, other Leaders don't step up and manage the team by watching fullfilment times, INFs, etc.

I feel that while Modernization is relatively workable the rest of the year, during Q4 trucks should be pushed overnights to better ensure product makes it to the sales floor by the time the store opens.
Feb 2, 2019
At our store, management likes to say that things are going great and better than last year but I feel it’s not. There are seasonals that are getting more hours than the well established team members that care. What do they expect to happen? Backroom is a mess. There’s not even room to backstock or complete pulls.