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Unless you live on the west coast or live under a rock, there is a hurricane headed to the east coast (or is nearly there by now)

for those who will be affected, how are you and your store preparing?

Any funny stories or anything interesting happen yet?

For me, toilet paper was starting to go last night. I cant get over the fact people poop and pee more in weather emergencies.

Also, before i went on my 30 last night (at 730pm), i put out 34 MP gallon size distilled water. By the time i got back, there was 6 left.
Yrs back when Katrina hit & Rita was bearing down, we sold out of bottled water of every type, flashlights, batteries, airbeds, cheap linens (our BTC had just clearanced), tents, all types of snack/breakfast bars, jerky, most of our camp gear.
When Rita missed our area, a good chunk of it came back.
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I went to a Big Lots near my work in NC on Monday. And they already had pre-made hurricane survival kits. They were just plastic shoe box totes with cheap flash lights, batteries, radio, bottle water, and some random camp food (chips, jerky, Snickers) for $15.

I live just outside the very edge of the NC hurricane warning zone. And the news channels have been going crazy. Moving from earthquake to hurricane. Some of the newscasts are telling people to fill up your bath tubs and sink with water. Stock up on dry and canned goods. Freeze 1/2 and whole gallons jugs of water and put one on every shelf in your freezer. Move all possible foods into your freezer. Store all outside furniture and fixtures inside. And last word usually is...Don't forget your pets.

And I am avoiding the stores until this thing is over.
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Gtc to bull!
Also, store family photos, cellphones, & important papers/discs in ziploc bags.
So that, you grab it & go, if you have leave in hurry.
Keep some water, blanket, flashlight, gloves, rope, & some tools, in the car, too. If you have pets, don't forget their papers, & food for them too.
Be safe everyone!
if you live close to the coast, don't try and ride out the storm!!! better safe than sorry
we're not in the path thank goodness. hope everyone is doing ok!!

a couple of weeks ago i learned something new about my team. they are all disaster preparedness freaks. they all have kits in their cars and homes ICOE. our signing guy started it several years ago, and the rest of the team got in on it. and i'm not talking a shoe box with a flash light... they have enough stuff to live on for a month and they all have walkie talkies with a huge radius (they all live close by) so if the cell service is out, theyre can make sure each other is ok. when one of them finds something new or cool to add to the kits, they buy it and share or chip in to get it. its a huge thing for them to find something that the rest of the guys think is awesome, and it's good they're prepared.
Also probably a good time to post the crisis hotline. Just call and type in your store/dc number and your STL should have a message on there regarding your store's status.

We are out of batteries, gallon water, camp stoves, and flashlights. Soon to be out of bread and regular bottled water. People are polite but a little desperate.
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I live on the coast in New England. Thursday we sold close to 14 pallets of water and were all out by 4pm. D batteries, flaslights, camping gear, coolers, peanut butter plus a few other items are completely sold out.
Wow that's crazy, I can't even imagine this kind of increased volume from a storm. <midwest state here>
Wow that's crazy, I can't even imagine this kind of increased volume from a storm. <midwest state here>

Yeah, fortunately ya'll don't have hurricanes.
Unfortunately, you have tornados & they give you almost NO warning before they touch down!
Exactly. Although you can get tornadoes from a hurricane. They happen when it starts coming on shore. We were dead today. The autofills ought to be really lightweight tomorrow morn.
^True, that.
Also re: HLM's idea about putting items in ziploc bags, use the freezer bags (sturdier) & poof them full of air. They'll float to the surface if water washes them out.
I still have one of the red cross hand-crank radios from a few yrs ago.
I lived in the DC area during Tropical Storm Isablel. I didn't work for Target yet at that point (I was still in the military). People were going crazy buying everything in site. What happened? We got some good rain and some wind. Big whoop.

People just seem to have this natural instinct to overreact.
I sat through a cat 3 hurricane as it mowed right over us. I saw what it did & 52 people died.
The path predictions may be imperfect but it's better to overreact than underreact.
Exactly. Best to hunker-down. Once these things get closer to land they have a mind of their own. Been through several of these in my life and no two have been the same.
Is anyone not in the path on hurricane response teams for their store? What do you expect to happen with those?
Even tho we were quite a ways in from the coast, we got extra shipments of water, flashlights, batteries & the like for people who were coming inland or were going to be hosting relatives & friends.
We sold out of most water when i got in at 2 today. All we had were some single bottles (those where going fast) and some dastani (coke brand water) which come from an extra delivery today. We were sold out of D batteries, flashlights, camping gear, coolers, peanut butter, dozen eggs, strawberries, oranges plus a few other items.

We were estimates sales for today was between 80,000 and 95,0000 and we made close to 145,000 to 160,000 from what i was told (not giving exact number just in case). But it seems we made at least 75% more than our estimate sales for the day
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Hopefully if the storm is as bad as predicted, Target will close. They should go for safety rather than greed.
All stores in My group I believe will be closed tmrw(Sunday) we are sold out anything that would help you in a hurricane.. My store has doubled our plan in sales everyday since Wednesday.
As well as my call even if the store is open, whether its worth it or not to make an attempt to come in. I heard ************ from a TL once because the roads all in the area were closed by police due to flooding, and was told not to make it a habit.

Like I chose I didnt want to come in, spent 90 mins trying to get there. Lost all respect after that, been with Target a couple of yrs and days missed by me they can count on one hand.
Just got a text message from my store. Still open tomorrow, and closing team JUST got out. Mind you, I am currently directly in the storm right now. 60MPH gusts and blinding sideways rain. But my ETL wanted to keep the team because "we;ve been hit extremely hard the past few days and we NEED to get the store back up to brand"

Did I mention this ETL is known among the store as the one that lives and breathes Target and has no compassion for people? Honestly, who cares about the presentation at this point? We're in the middle of a damn hurricane. Let the team get home safely. We're understaffed as it is.
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