STL Watching TMs Via Camera

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Kaitii, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Kaitii

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    So apparently my STL has been checking the cameras a lot lately in order to catch loafers. What are your thoughts on this? Honestly I think it's...a little weird to just be constantly watched like that. And I don't even know what she counts as "loafing." She's really chatty and talks up TLs ans ETLs all the time for a couple minutes so I s2g if that's all it takes to get written up (I was told a couple were already written up about it) I'm gonna be pissed off because it feels like she's placed a "No Fun at Work" sign.

    I'm leaving for 2 weeks tomorrow so hopefully she would have given up by then lol
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  2. Kartman

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    Why defend loafers?
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  3. You would think STLs would have more important things to do than sit in an office all day and watch cameras. I'm pretty sure my STL does the same thing.
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  4. They're not supposed to use the cameras to coach for non-safety related issues.
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  5. And if they are its a hotline call..
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  6. NPC

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    Sounds like your STL is the one loafing around.
  7. NPC

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    Pokemon Go is in Japan now by the way! :D
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  8. OP

    Kaitii The face of true betrayal

    [Internal screaming]

    Dozens of Pokestops and Farfetch'd here I come!!
  9. OP

    Kaitii The face of true betrayal

    Also does anyone know where it says an STL can't coach for non safety via camera and all that just in case
  10. Flabbergasted

    Flabbergasted Ex-GSA

    I don't know the exact policy but I remember an incident with my old store's ETL-AP way back (like 2 years ago) using the cameras to catch employees doing things like texting or loafing and I actually witnessed him being told to knock it off by the STL. And then later heard from a GSTL that they cannot coach for things like that just seeing them on the camera. So it's definitely a policy.
  11. cobycord

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    My ETLHR said that they can't do it because it makes it an uncomfortable work environment....that's not to say they can't look at you on camera then find you in the floor in person doing it.
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  12. I think it's in the AP Directives, which STL's are supposed to know. That being said, Directives are restricted access, so it won't do any good to bring up.
  13. ClearanceMaster

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    yeah they cant coach from camera, but if they see you doing it they can just as easily say that they saw you or someone said they saw you. so unless you can prove they saw you on camera only its kind of a hard thing to argue.
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  14. 60SecondsRemaining

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    It's in the ap directives, and essentially says that only ap may use the cameras to coach, and then they can only do it for ap related issues (theft, safety, etc)

    Non ap cannot coach because it creates a hostile work environment when you feel like you are constantly being watched.
  15. oath2order

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    At first they came for the loafers and I did not defend them because I was not a loafer.

    Then they came for the people not working at "optimal speed" and I did not defend them because I worked at "optimal speed".

    Then they came for me and there was nobody to defend me.

    I mean, I know that's over-dramatic, but it's a slippery slope. First it starts as "oh we're just catching the loafers" and then it moves to other things, and soon you basically have someone watching you on camera every second to watch for even the slightest slip-up.
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  16. Kartman

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    I hope my STL/ETL's are watching me on camera. That will only help with my annual "raise."
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  17. I wouldn't call myself a loafer by any stretch of the imagination. I get more work done than most of my fellow hardline team members. I love ass. But I also take time in between pushing the 7th cart of reshop that the closer last night was too lame to push to maybe chat coe a few minutes with a coworker, get to know people a bit. Networking for a job is important after all, and I feel on a basic level, it can't hurt to know how you're working with, after all, aren't we a team?

    And yet, if someone was watching on camera, I can absolutely see me getting coached for a five minute conversation or a 30 second Pokemon Go break, while all the hard work I did around that moment gets ignored.

    Defend the loafers, because anyone bored enough to look at security tapes
    will be more than happy to find reasons to mark you for slacking off, regardless of how hard you work.
  18. NPC

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  19. mrknownothing

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    I thought only AP was allowed to access the cameras. And doesn't the STL have more important things to do anyways? Like actually respond to TMs that need help?

    Regardless, re: coaching from cameras...

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  20. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    I'm glad my STL is such a hands on guy. I feel like there is too much to do to just micro manage everyone from a camera.
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