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Oct 16, 2012
The laser would fire, so you would see the red dot on the barcode, but it would not scan/read the barcode and register in what ever app you were using.


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Oct 13, 2017
what does the red dot no scanner mean? sorry I'm not familiar
The scanners on the devices have a red dot that shows what you're scanning, and then the actual red box where it's trying to read the barcode. It used to be that you'd see just the red dot but no scanner box when you pressed down the scanner button when you had been using one of the apps that locks use of the scanner. It stopped doing this at some point (didn't it change from DataWedge to Acorn Scanner or something to improve reliability?), but the apps that lock the scanner (MPM, Audit, MyHelp, etc) all still do it. I believe Audit has always done it, and MPM and myHelp seem to have done it ever since they got the ability to scan items (MPM when it got the myStats functionality and myHelp when the chatbots were added that let you scan stuff in).