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Aug 16, 2011
Whoops, someone tripped over a cable!

Hey everyone it's 07/11/11,
It's been a while, sorry the site vanished for a while. I am working to restore service but for reasons unknown my previous host ended service and all contact to him went unreplied. With that being said a few weeks prior my Hard Drive on my PC became corrupted during an update of Windows and I lost all of my data that was on that drive. That included all of my backups to the forum and the files for the website.

So, while we were in the dark another member decided to put up a temporary forum and hopefully we will be able to merge those threads into this website shortly to get it back online with some content instead of none.

Sorry about being in the dark for so long, hopefully with the new host I purchased we will never face that again.

If anyone has any questions direct them at Scram [at] thebreakroom [dot] org



Staff member
Jul 11, 2011
I'm working with Sage from this site to migrate over, don't worry I am still around. Life had interrupted but hopefully we will be seeing some changes soon!