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    To that one guest

    To all guests: you see me working in BTS. You see how narrow the "aisles" are. You see half the aisle is taken up with junk because my LOD wants it super zoned. Why in the hell would you choose that aisle to push your cart down just to get to the other side?
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    Archived Guests Say the Darndest Things...

    "We are your highlighters at? They were right here last year." (Points to overly specific location)
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    Archived Anything buy one, get one 50% OFF

    I think both. We had signs for last week and have them for next as well. Unless no one caught it all last week...
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    Archived Anything buy one, get one 50% OFF

    We has a flood of guests that got mad when they didn't get their $5 gift card with a $25 bts purchase because they didn't have the coupon.
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    Archived CAFs

    You'll fit right in at our store. We have an ETL Logistics who micromanages the ENTIRE damn store, pushes his work off on the TLs under him, and stares at vibe scores on his computer for 12-15 hours. The result? The back room is a disaster and flow is so far behind its sickening. Sometimes he...
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    Archived I hate it when...

    I hate whoever thought inventing those fucking bungee and waffle chairs was a wonderful idea.
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    Archived I hate it when...

    I hate when rednecks spit chewing tobacco on the floor. Seriously. Fuck you.
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    The way they harass people into signing up for them, they need better incentives. I could see a 10-15% for signing up and a point system for larger discounts or gift cards.
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    To that one guest

    TTOG: First off, "Hey! Wait up!" is something you use to catch friends or the ice cream man, not me. Secondly, No one makes VCRs anymore, we have the one VCR/DVD combo without the tuner, that's it. I don't care if you need one with the tuner. Third, for the 10th fucking time, neither I nor...
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    Archived Same Day Home Delivery FF Pilot

    Id do it. As long as I was reimbursed for gas, my concealed carry license and firearm.
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    Archived preventing street dates from being pushed early

    Anyone else have this problem? It seems no matter who does tune in Tuesdayalways a electronics TM) , no mater if the batches are marked as such (we use TT and backroom does the pulls) dvds and cds get pushed on Monday. ..every damn week. As a result, guests get mad when they can't buy it. Anyone...
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    To that one guest

    To the multiple guest who felt the need to yell at me today: go to hell. Guest A: we haven't had the book bags you wanted for weeks. Just because there's a PICTURE of it in the ad and we are out doesn't make it false advertising. If you would've taken two seconds to read, you'd see it was for...
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    To that one guest

    This happens at our store time to time too. They're always mad that there's nothing we can do.
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    Archived So yesterday I pulled an item for a guest... and I haven't been trained for it

    You little rebel you :p But really if you know how to do it that's what matters. The whole idea for switching to a web app was to make it easier for sales floor to pull. I prefer the now dead RF app personally.
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    Archived Did you know?

    I fixed a few errors on a now hiring flyer one day