1. M

    Getting more hours from another Target store

    Hi there, I'm new here on this forum. I've been working for a little over a year and a half so far mostly in Tech and sometimes in register. I heard from someone that if your hours are low in your store that sometimes you can head to another store, speak to either their LOD or manager for some...
  2. Duval904Man

    In danger?

    So things haven’t been good in general for my department as in morale and others have had cut hours. Looked at today’s new two week out schedule and I’m scheduled 10 hrs. How am I supposed to help pay bills at my parents house with less than 25 hours in a four week span? I believe I’m still...
  3. B

    Is this happening at your store? new scheduling?

    So apparently this has started at our store in the BA Peninsula. Word from regional is that TMs can only start shifts at certain times i.g 4am 7am 10 & 2/3pm. Open or close, mids I am not sure of yet. Earliest shift used to be 3am. For unload and SFS/ OPU. Also from what I’ve been hearing is...
  4. C

    Answered seasonal fulfillment expert — questions about hours and scheduling

    So I recently got hired as a seasonal fulfillment expert. I’m not starting for another two weeks. I begin college online next week with four classes, so I’m working here to save money and have some sort of income while at home as I just left my previous job. Anyway, in the interview I said 25-30...
  5. Dream Baby

    Opening Later Now?

    Walmart is changing some of their stores to stay open until 10:00 PM now. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/14/business/walmart-store-hours/index.html Will Target follow suit? Pre-pandemic my store was open until 11:00 every night for no real good reason IMHO.
  6. J

    Answered Cross-training?

    I’m in fullfillment and I do fairly well but my problem is my hours. I started with 20+ and every week it decreased a little. I tried picking up a shift but my LOD was super busy and said he would sign later so I called the next day(today) to ask hr if he signed or to remind him and I sat there...
  7. T

    Answered Store hours

    When do you think target stores will go back to normal hours ? At the moment we close at 10 but normally we close at 11 and 12 on fridays and Saturdays.
  8. C

    Flex hours canned?

    If I missed thia in ankther thread please delete. Just got word feom a questionable TL that Target ia no longer giving flex hours. So no extending. No picking up shifts. Yadda yadda. Anyone else get this garbage?
  9. Clementine

    Hours are taking massive plunge soon why ?

    Why are hours getting cut ? At my store anyways from what I found out from one of the higher ups who told me... Hours are taking a massive dive week after next one. Is this Target trying to get money back from that temporary 2 dollar raise ?
  10. M

    Hours disappear

    This morning I checked Kronos for new schedule week of 5/3. I was scheduled 3 days that week. Went back in an hour later so I can put in calendar and they took 2 days away and now only scheduled for 1 shift. Wtf?!?!
  11. Kostin

    TM only shopping hours

    Is this true?
  12. G

    3-Hour Shifts, normal?

    I've been at Target for nearly six months (I work mornings in GM, part-time) and for the second time, they've scheduled me more days than usual but every shift is three hours. I just came off of a six-day, eighteen-hour week days ago. Checked online just now and they have me working five days...
  13. C

    Hours after remodel

    Following a major remodel does a store suffer reduced hours for everyone and does the cost come from another accounting fund?
  14. W

    MyTime Picking up hours at a different location.

    Would it possible to pick up more hours at a different Target location than the primary one you work at?
  15. C

    Anyone else started loosing hours

    Is anyone else loosing hours before the holidays. My team members noticed hours dropped after this week. What caused hours to go down or possibility
  16. B

    Archived Fake hours scheduled...

    So my friend is coming back to work but only for Saturday's and Sunday's. She sees her schedule and she's on for 38 hours! She's about to go BSC until her TL swoops in to tell her this. TL-(whispers) It's okay, it's okay, you aren't 'actually' working those M-F hours... Wink, wink TM-(puppy...
  17. novashines

    Archived Store Hopping

    Is it possible to be assigned to one store, and pick-up hours at a different one if your (primary/assigned) store doesn't have enough hours or scales back hours because they don't hit numbers one week? Can this be done regularly by calling a secondary store location, or does there need to be...
  18. O

    Archived Low hours not livable

    So I will be soon searching for another job just have to find one and get it locked down then I believe I can be out of here, with that being said does anyone know some jobs that can be flexible with their hours? ( as I go back to school soon) Also very upset that target did this blackout thing...
  19. O

    Archived No/very low hours how do you survive?

    So besides trying to pick up shifts how do you guys survive when your hours are very low to almost noon existent I had a real scare with almost not being able to pay rent because my one paycheck was for 14 hours, I'm just curious do you guys have another job during low hours or what? If another...
  20. T

    Archived Cutting hours while ordering delivery for the store 3 days in a row

    So very recently our HR Leader left and after her departure I can't help but feel that whoever is scheduling things just doesn't know what their doing...I'm a cart attendant I've been with target for over 2 years and in those 2 years my hours had only ever been cut twice or once a year...but...