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End to End team PILOT

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Apapaia, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. WestLoggy

    WestLoggy Team Member

    Still have an o/n process here although previously we had a softlines breakout *and* push which was always completed by 30 mins prior to open. Now: it's a breakout only with all SL left on z-racks and red carts out on the floor for the SL team to push *after* the store opens - usually takes them until 5/6 pm to finish because of the other duties. Yes, this makes perfect sense!
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  2. Frontlanegirl

    Frontlanegirl Team Trainer

  3. speedy

    speedy New Team Member

    The softlines at our store are absolutely not allowed to use carts on the floor. We are only supposed to use tubs. Sometimes we will try to sneak a flat out there if the freight is heavy.
  4. WestLoggy

    WestLoggy Team Member

    Exactly our point too. We were always able to complete SL breakout & push prior to open or within an hour of open on heavy days. Now, it's taking an entire day. And on top of the new brand transitioning ... yup. Kinda a cluster.
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  5. WestLoggy

    WestLoggy Team Member

    That was us too. But we consistently ran out of vehicles (3 tiers, red tubs, z-racks, michigans, etc) so they once again began looking the other way. A-volume flex format store- not much room and not many vehicles to go around.
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  6. balthrop

    balthrop Team Member

    dumpster fire day two. no announced plan for remodel, it starts soon™. three people quit with out notice in one day. we are losing another 5 in the next two weeks. total hires 5. our remodel(s) will continue through fourth quarter. There is a very small chance of us being successful during fourth quarter but on the bright side we will probably get a completely new Exec team and a new STL in January.

    oooh almost forgot the rancid meat and curdled yogurt our "market team" keeps trying to sell. how how on this planet or any other are we still allowed to sell food?
  7. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    Is that domestics in your store? That seems to be next on our store's agenda.
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  8. balthrop

    balthrop Team Member

    dumpster fire day three: are in dumpster, dumpster on hill the only thing keeping us from rolling down hill are our broken dreams and crushed hopes of a better day.

    when will it end? with a full on "market team" should not find product that expired a week ago.

    we are about to play round robin with unsweeapable pallets of product just to free up space for all the transition.
  9. Marcellow

    Marcellow Got backstock?

    So, I have a month left in my medical LOA but I was told by my friend that for E2E in 4th quarter, most of what is done for Market will be switched over to overnight (push and backstock) and that dayside will be dedicated to pricing, research, POG and other detail things. And that when I return, I need to choose between dayside or overnight.

    We're an AAA+ volume store so I suppose this is the only way to not drown this holiday season.
  10. Shirohime

    Shirohime Team Member

    We're AAA and I'm in Market. I haven't heard about doing it that way for 4thQ but asants, I guess.
  11. BigEyedPhish

    BigEyedPhish Sr. Team Leader

    So.... there will be no one for market?

    I was a Hardlines Team Member, a Perishables Assistant, and now Signing Spec. Besides right before Thanksgiving if any Deparments have overnight shifts, it damn well better be Seasonal/Toys/Electronics. And if anyone is going overnight 4th Quarter it is POG, for at least a week to set Christmas.

    If you have a choice 4th Quarter between dayside and overnight, I would bite the bullet and go overnight (Especially since it gets darker much earlier.)

    (At an AA+ store)
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  12. Marcellow

    Marcellow Got backstock?

    I should have been clearer, I meant that there will be a Market overnight team and Market dayside team. XD
    POG team is now dayside though I don't know what the hell they are thinking, doing big resets while the store is open.

    And honestly, I wouldn't go overnight since it would be mindless pushing and backstocking.
  13. Shirohime

    Shirohime Team Member

    For 4th Q, I would choose dayside. I can take care of my aisles better and keep them full. That is if ON pushed all and backstocked their backstock.
  14. HRZone

    HRZone ETL-Intern

    I always preferred overnight when I was at an overnight store.

    The ability to make an aisle look good and (not have it immediately ruined by guest) , not have to worry about guest service, cashiering and working in peace was always nice. I agree it can be a little mindless and the sleep schedule is rough depending on what else you have going on in life.

    Pros and cons to both sides.
  15. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    As soon as trucks arrive ready to push, I assume Target will just bite the bullet for high volume stores and remain open for guests 24/7.
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  16. tinkerbell333

    tinkerbell333 Former Team Member-Parolled August 2017

    I think this too.
  17. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    Every Wal-Mart super center near me opened 24/7 and changed within 6 months. Overnight flow team stayed though. If walmart doesn't think outs wirh being open, I'm doubting target will.
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  18. balthrop

    balthrop Team Member

    dumpster fire day?? days are trivial now there is only pain[1] there is no longer even a hint of a plan. just throwing our broken spirit against the wall to see what sticks and going with it. management is out of touch and does not even fake listen to us anymore.

    I wonder if I can find the personnel business phone number of out DTL and GTL? just start blowing up there phones with pictures of week old expired product forgotten about but our "market team" or the big khaki and red tools could step off the glowing pedestal they put themselves on and have a chat with us low level peons.

    [1] not real pain just existential dread at having to watch a green log process fall to sub 80
  19. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    I think that's what I hate about End to End the most. The descent into chaos. It took the earnest work of dedicated people to keep backroom and receiving in good shape. It isn't that new people can't do that but if it ain't broke don't fix it. Likewise with pog.
  20. themidniteTM

    themidniteTM Guest

    I was hired and began training as a SL TM the week that my stores E2E was launched. There was a lot of talk during my interviews that my previous retail experience with E2E was going to be relied upon to set a new example for the senior TMs my area.

    Fast forward through my 90 days...SL isn't getting push done, we majorly effed up with price change...the zones are shit, backroom hates us, backstock is rarely done...EVERYONE in SL is in absolutely foul moods and I felt completely unwelcome the entire 3 months (I was the only new person that only knew E2E for my first 2.5 months)...then it's announced that our STL is done making SL do price change. She's convinced that therein lies the issue. She's officially putting the price change team back for SL so we are only responsible for push, backstock, zoning, filling locations, etc. No price change.

    Two weeks later and we are at today. I looked around at the end of my 4 hour shift and push was done an hour ago...backstock got finished by me when I went home..zones don't look terrible..and the price change team isn't curled up in a fetal position and crying due to being overwhelmed.

    Feels good. That paired with some SERIOUS leadership changes (moving up some, others leaving/transferring) and I'm finally seeing the light. I don't think E2E is going anywhere for my store.
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