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    Archived E&E Remodel

    2 weeks
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    Archived Ship To Store

    There was a Redwire about issues with invalid barcodes. This is due to the item no longer being sold online and deleted from the system. It said to close and carton and SIM the item in the store. When you close the carton the guest will get a notification that those items were cancelled.
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    Archived What are the worst and best ideas in the last 5 years at Target?

    Best PFresh Ship from Store - brings in an extra .5 to 1 million in sales per store. MyDevices - Great when it works. EE and Home Innovation New Chip and Pin Cards - Although this is a result of the Target breach Worst Target Canada Nieman Marcus - Partnership with Nieman Marcus that failed...
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    Archived The Big & Dandy Plano thread!

    There was a merch update that said they deleted the 3DS on accident. Leave it up and it will be fixed in the May 17 set.
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    Archived official job title for POG

    Job title is Presentation
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    Archived Why are some jobs exempt?

    When I built the patio furniture I asked the signing TM for the signs and I attached them as I built them. Granted I used to be the a signing TM myself.
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    Archived Moving from Backroom TM to PMT (formerly SFT): What to expect?

    Yes the dates are off but Redwire provides all the information and updates for all our projects.
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    Archived Moving from Backroom TM to PMT (formerly SFT): What to expect?

    So is Target Wiki, Support Anywhere, and Redwire. Let me know if you need help with anything.
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    Archived Cart Wheels Lock Up?

    The reason your carts don't lock is because you do not have a gate keeper installed. A gate keeper sets up a perimeter around your parking lot. When a cart goes past the set perimeter the wheels lock. Not all store have them installed.
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    There is a rug for the focal. PMTs have a project on Redwire to build all the focal furniture and it mentioned that the rug and sheets for the crib would be arriving late.
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    Archived Mannequins

    My store already has the mannequins set in store. They will remove and condense a lot of the racks to make room for the mannequins. For our store it was a two day process for the construction crew to assemble all the fixtures.
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    Archived Moving from Backroom TM to PMT (formerly SFT): What to expect?

    Congrats if you get the position. You should see around a $4 raise. You will get 1 month of training, although the first week will be a lot of online training modules. Don't expect to learn everything at once and there are lots of resources available to you. Check out the Target Wiki site on...
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    Archived Target and crappy wifi/network

    Just download the amazon app and use that. Works for me
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    Archived Any stores get the Target 2014 holiday dog yet?

    There was a redwire communication that there would not be a dog this year for St Jude. This year it is replaced by Bullseye Playground where $1 will be donated for every game played.