1. S

    Shoe QAs from June 2018

    Who else is pissed at HQ for dropping about 20 QAs for shoes. Ughhh! They should have dropped them as IRs and if they couldn't why drop them on a Monday? I was okay with taking a hit, but my STL wanted them proccessed so receiving doesn't look too hot right now. I'm still going to have to take a...
  2. S


    Ok my feet are killing me! Especially my heels. Any advice on footwear for a flow team member?
  3. K

    What shoes do you wear?

    Ladies, what shoes do you wear? I currently have a pair of new balance running sneakers and merrel trail glove sneakers. Neither are cutting it. My feet are killing and I have blisters on my toes.
  4. Starlark


    Hey everyone, SL TM here! I am all but officially the new Shoe person at my Target. Shoes is pretty knarly, but I'm ok with it. However our last two Shoe TMs didnt last, the most recent literally NCNS her way out. Said she was pressured and overwhelmed. Claimed she even talked to our TL's and...
  5. L

    Sales Floor What kind of shoes?

    Hello All, Recently promoted to a Salesfloor TL and I’ve walked through the soles of my shoes in my first three months. Any recommendations on something comfortable and a little stylish? Thank you.
  6. T

    Cross merchandising in RTW

    Do the shoes that are suppose to be cross merched into RTW come in the box or not in the box? Was told that the same shoe will be come in the box and you are to place that into shoes, and that the same shoe merched into RTW will come off the truck unboxed. Can anyone clarify this please? There...
  7. V

    Cat and jack shoes

    Apparently some kids shoes are hardlocked. I can' find any info on this. Has anyone seen any info about them?
  8. R

    Sales Floor Help with shoes

    Does anyone know the part number for the fact tag holder and the fact tags for shoes? I've looked on work bench, the planagram and under shoes where you order online. I can't find it anywhere. And no one in my store seems to know. We are a new store, been open for a few months and never...
  9. M

    Shoes to wear // Softlines Help?

    Ok I have no clue what shoes I should end up buying since I will be walking around alot. Currently using terrible shoes and my legs are killing me. So can anyone give me specific names of shoes that you all are wearing or which I should end up getting. Or even what should I buy to help my feet...
  10. J

    Sales Floor Dreaded Shoes

    Hey guys help me understand something. I agreed to take the store brand position for shoes and everyone from STL on down is thrilled because no one wanted to do shoes and it is a mess. This week I was scheduled all week in shoes to begin getting it back in shape except I just viewed my two week...
  11. S

    Are the men's shoes located in the shoe department at your store?

    At my store, the shoe department just has the women's and children's shoes. The men's shoes strangely aren't located in the shoe department, but in the men's clothing department.
  12. Walmart

    Tips on how to set shoes via Visual Adjacency

    So we started from strips to visual adjacency and its been a bit stuff for some of our team members to figure out. Any tips on how to set by VA easier? For me, I like to draw a line for every 4-6 shoes (depending on shoe box size) into sections and that seems to help. Here are some questions...
  13. FredPanda3

    Setting Shoes? Shoes POG?

    I need help from anyone that has pog experience. How do I know which aisles are set in standard and which are set in reverse?? I don't know which aisles wrap around and which are backwards in the book if that makes sense..
  14. HearMeRawr3

    Pricing and Presentation SMF Shoes Merchandising Flexibility

    Have any stores done this yet? I'm terrified.
  15. X

    It's Gotta be the Shoes!

    What recommendations do you have for shoes or boots that will make for a happy life in the DC?
  16. I

    Let's talk about shoes.

    How does your store work shoes? Do you push to piece, locate all shoes, then replenish from CAFs? Or do you flex everything off truck? If you do flex, how do you flex? We're in a spot right now where softlines insists on pushing to piece and staying strict to planogram. In turn, shoes have...
  17. E

    The best shoes for working retail

    What shoes do you find are the best for working on your feet all day? Have any favorites? Heard from other team members that _______ are the BEST shoes you can have? I'm looking to get some really good shoes so my feet won't hurt so much at the end of the day!