Condescending Quote Thread

Nov 27, 2015
Not condescending but the phrase I hear at least 20x a day: "no a plastic tree" as well as "long day?"
Mar 11, 2015
Back in the day. "You just unload the truck." "I could never get up that early."
Oct 16, 2017
Covering for electronics one day. Checking out the new ipad incase someone asks me a question about it. Hearing in the background “are you having fun ?” from electronics TL!


Human Resources <3
Sep 6, 2017
I like being a HRTM for the most part and a lot of the people who I interact with are usually nice to me. However, you do encounter certain individuals who say inconsiderate things. Here are some of the ones that I experienced or observed over the years:

Human Resources:

Applicant: "Are you HR? You look so young like you're [insert age way younger]."

TM: "What else does HR do besides paperwork?"

TM: "I would be interested in doing HR. You just sit at the computer all day and file paperwork. Seems like an easy office job."

Me: *sitting in the break room*
TM: "I know you're on break but I need you to help me with this."

Me: *moving around throughout TMSC, running up to the front GE area, assisting guests on the sales floor, arriving back at TMSC to do operator + HR stuff + leaders walkie-ing my head off to replace a billion call offs*
TM: "Why do you seem kind of tired?"
Me: "I have been running back and forth."
TM: "Uh huh." *rolls eyes like they think it is BS*

Me: *cheerily puts out food in the break room for TMs*
TM: "That's it?! Why don't you guys have [insert something out of budget] for us instead?" *goes on a rant complaining and then eats the food anyway*

ETL: *referring to my shoes (comfy flats), says the following in a false jokingly teasing manner meant to make you feel bad* "I would like to wear what you're wearing in my work center."

ETL: "HR doesn't need that many hours for their work center. I am impressed that they can get things done with just twenty something hours." *allocates a crappy amount of hours to HR*​

Other Misc:

TM: "So, are you still in school?"
Me: "No, I graduated already."
TM: "Oh, what school did you go to? What did you major in?"
Me: *answers questions*
TM: "So, why are you here? Why don't you go find a better 'real' job?"

Me: *smiling to give good customer service at the front lanes and sales floor*
Guests: "You're too happy. Is it because you are getting off work soon?"​
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Jul 30, 2016
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Me: *cheerily puts out food in the break room for TMs*
TM: "That's it?! Why don't you guys have [insert something out of budget] for us instead?" *goes on a rant complaining and then eats the food anyway*
"Market pantry again?"

"Can you get the lactose free milk?" "Actually I need soy as well"


Glorified Towel Folder
Jun 16, 2017
“You don’t have to fold clothes all day, lucky you”

Yes, zoning my area might be easier, but that is why there are 5 closers in softlines and 1 closer in hardlines, darling who always seems to be on her phone every time I take a visit in softlines in order to do a flex.


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Jun 17, 2011
Back to Back walkie calls when you are the only CA for the DAY during the Holidays
CA need carts on the Blue side
CA carry out on 5
CA the can recycler is down
CA carts are pilling up in the Backroom
CA spill in Market
CA I can you to stay late to close

And yes that has happened.


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Feb 3, 2016
A candidate I interviewed stated, " Oh, I'm officially retired, so I've already WORKED. I'm just looking for something fun to do..... a way to pass the time."
Um.... what? I'm not sure what she thought we did all day long? Just have fun? It's WORK. You come here to "work".
Oct 16, 2017
Hardy har har! Lol. They act like I've never heard that line before
I cant help but roll my eyes and gag on my own spit when i hear that
As I'm out getting carts, you need to go to college so you don't have to work here.
Actually, I'm a manager here with a degree and I make more than you do at your college degree requiring job. So thanks douche.
oh wow i didn’t know STL’s were on this forum, thats cool!

Amanda Cantwell

Service Advocate
Mar 27, 2017
*because of my age*
"can you find someone who KNOWS how to do a same day different store return?"

no. because we can't do them.*

*okay I know sometimes the computer lets you but for fraud prevention my store will not allow it, period.