1. copycopy

    New reshop process

    Our SD announced that from now on there are to be NO carts on the floor. The team is to use Uboats and repacks for all reshop. Anyone else doing this?
  2. S

    Guest Services Strays / Reshop Questions

    This is a little bit of a rant. I was pulled aside by several team leaders both in and outside of the front end and told that I am NOT to call out to the GM team that there is a lot reshop, however, I am supposed to call out to individual style team members, to individual tech and beauty team...
  3. beautysavage911

    Sales Floor Reshop

    Omg everyone always tells me that I’m so good at keeping up with reshop and I literally just go up and throw everything in my three tier and dead ass put it in the back of my department. It’s still behind A28 idk who’s gonna grab it
  4. S

    Stray style items

    I'm trying to pick up a few stray items left in my area as I push. GM items I'm good with, but I have no idea what to do with clothing. Is it rude to take it to GS or the fitting rooms for reshop? I just don't have time to look around figuring out where it goes
  5. L

    Random Hardlines Questions

    Hi, I've just started working on Hardlines and finished my training (which was only really one day). As far as I'm aware, I'm completed with training and start working on my own next shift. I still find myself with a few random questions that I'm sure have easy answers when it comes to...
  6. HiddenPenguin

    Poll: Your store's reshop process

    So. Apparently one of things Spot decided "needed to be modernized" was our conventional system of reshop, where several carts were kept behind a half-wall at guest services, and items were sorted into salesfloor departments. (I've heard some stores used plastic bins instead of carts, but for...
  7. NKG

    Things Team Members [Leaders] Do/Pet Peeves Thread

    To mirror the "Things Guest's do/pet peeves thread" The Things Guests Do/Pet Peeves Thread - Let's hit it with Team Members- Team members who lift the top tier of the carts. Those FMrs don't go down easy TMS...
  8. NXT

    Storylines Reshop

    So my store (Like others I assume) have lots of Reshop building up. I am wondering what other stores do to maintain their Reshop? With all the truck push and VMGs it is challenging. Any ideas are appreciated.
  9. Corrin

    Reshop at Guest Service?

    We had a visit today and they took our reshop tub/organization away. We were left with a two-tier which is probably going to be removed too soooo now we have literally nowhere to store reshop. Apparently every time we get a piece of reshop we have to call someone to get it. I think this is crazy...
  10. S


    What is reshop?
  11. LegendaryVKickr

    Own your Reshop - Guest Service changes 2017

    How many other stores have had their guest service completely overhauled? Our store just changed from reshop to go backs as the proper terminology, and team members now have to "own their reshop" meaning any mixed reshop they find, it's their job to push. How this actually works is lots of...
  12. J

    Sales Floor Changes to the way Reshop is handled

    Did anyone else location get rid of all the reshop carts at GS. at my location it use to be: (2) three tier carts for HBA Soft Lines Chemicals Stationery/ Kitchen Domestics Toys/electronics Market Seasonal Now there just one cart for Softlines and one for Hardlines....HBA still have their...