cart attendant

  1. T

    Cart attendant shout out

    This past weeks weather has been brutal across the country. I would like to throw down a small challenge to everyone who reads this. Take the time to thank, actually walk up to and thank your cart attendants. These folks are pretty much forgotten in most stores. Usually they are just hearing...
  2. F

    Cart pusher

    I just turned 18 and one of my LODs said I could use the cart pusher. When I just asked to be trained on it they said I need to be out of school. Does anyone know if that’s true
  3. Anone

    New here (about to start seasonal carts)

    Hello everyone my name is AJ (or if you want to call me Anone thats fine too). I'm starting training for my first job within the week and I'm honestly a tad nervous but that will pass with time. As for my general hobbies and interests I usually like taking pictures, working on/admiring cars, and...
  4. A


    Today is my first day at being a Cart Attendant and training. It's also my first job too. I already have my TM# (I'm 16 and currently at school, I have to be in at 5) When I walk in do I punch in, or should I go to guest services and ask for my trainer and wait until he comes then punch in? Also...
  5. C

    I FINALLY told a gstl how cart attendants are treated

    I finally kinda snaped and told a gtsl how cart attendants are treated like garbage. Long story short I basically told a gtsl to shove it when she said all I do is get carts and said if I have to quit I will and wont leave a 2 week notice. She also said I neglect my other duties, like oh leaving...
  6. J

    Cart Attendant

    Hey, So I am scheduled for cart attendant in two hours. I am not strong at all and have never done it before. It should just be a one time thing because we are low on them but it may happen once or twice in the future. Who knows. I am new to Target overall, been about 2-3 weeks. I basically...
  7. C

    What is a cart attendant?

    So I worked my first shift about two weeks ago and was not scheduled until tommorow and now have a full schedule. I noticed one day next week is a cart attendant. What do they do. Just get carts from outside?
  8. Kartman

    No CA hours on a Saturday?

    Just like the title asks, do any of the ULV stores have no CA s scheduled for that day? Specifically, this time of the year?
  9. C

    When all your CAs quit the same week

    . . .its ok we got this!
  10. S

    Cart Attendant And Disability?

    So I have been a CA for about a month now. Originally I thought I could handle it physically but now I am not so sure. Aside from the sunburns that put a damper on the job, I have a physical disability. One that is pretty obvious too. I accepted the job thinking that I would be able to manage it...
  11. REDcardJJ

    Guest Services Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    A dedicated thread for sharing tips and tricks as a cashier, cart attendant, GSA, or service desk TM. Do your stores require guests to have government issued ID when they pick up myGo orders? Mine does (it's best practice anyway), but the other store in town does not so it's created a lot of...
  12. Amity

    Cart Runs

    Our store doesn’t have a dedicated cart attendant so it’s typically up to the leads to ask team members to go. It’s always the same people that have to go and it’s really getting on my nerves. The last straw was when I had a row of carts while a female team member just stood there and spoke to...
  13. A

    Question about Prescription Medications

    I just got prescribed Zoloft and Vistaril for Anxiety and Depression. Since these are prescriptions do I need to inform an LOD/HR? I work as a Cart Attendant/Cashier and I'm being Guest Service trained soon.
  14. P

    Cold temperatures

    I know I should probably check with my store before asking on a forum, but I'm assuming the answer is the same for every store, for the ones that get cold temps at least, at what cold temperature are cart attendants not allowed to go get carts because of safety? It's been bitterly cold, as most...
  15. C

    Cart Attendant Equip?

    Hey guys and gals. I'm new to the break room and sort of new to CA. Hopefully this is the right forum or something. I started about 3 weeks ago. Winter is coming up so I just wanted to know what I should wear to keep warm during the cold nights (I'm an afternoon to night CA). Specifically boots...
  16. SurvivinOnCoffee

    SOS I think I messed up

    I had an incident happen where I worked off the clock and didn't realize it was prohibited until afterwards. I'm a sofltlines TM. I looked in my target hand book about what to do and it said to contact HR as soon as possible to add the not clocked in time that was worked. It was 9:36 pm to...
  17. L

    Being forced to work as Cart Attendant??

    After applying for cashier, in the interview I was told I might have to work as a cart attendant once in a while. I agreed. They've scheduled me a cart attendant shift every week, one week they scheduled like 4. I was told that new cashiers have to work as CA sometimes, however, none of the...
  18. LessWork MorePay

    Off my 90 days..... (cart attendant)

    This is a follow up to a thread I posted several months ago. In summary, I am a cart attendant, but I hate my job.I work in the hot ass Texas heat constantly. I'm not a janitor yet I get treated like one. The higher ups run me like a dog. I'm over worked, under motivated, under trained and...
  19. LessWork MorePay

    Tips for a new cart attendant?

    I recently got hired by target, my job is pretty straight forward. I don't really need any tips on what to do, or how to work the cart machine. Basically, being honest, I just want tips on how to slack off. I already don't clean the bathrooms. I already just walk around sometimes and spend a...
  20. TTGOz

    Cart Attending Pain issues

    I've been working carts now for around 2-3 months now and have been scheduled for many consecutive cart shifts this time around. Yesterday, we got hit with our first snow and the closing cart attendant called in and I was working a mid shift so I said I'd close. I was having awful issues with...