1. K

    memorizing backroom fillgroup - department number alignment

    I don't know if anyone else has done this, but do the backroom team members at your store memorize department numbers to align them with the fillgroups? it makes breaking down our trucks alot quicker 2 - PLAS, BPLS 3 - CHEM 7 - BB01, BBo2, DIPR 8, 80 - elec, belc, scty 9 - SEA1 12 - MM2 22 -...
  2. StackerMistress

    Backroom Nightmare

    So, maybe I just have a really bad memory, but I can't remember the last two Augusts+Septembers being as bad as this one. We've had a perfect storm of a bunch of the logistics team quitting at the same time + absurd amounts of clearance (including salesplans that were never originally set...
  3. Formina Sage

    MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Backroom thread!

    Let's use this thread as an ongoing discussion about all things backroom - complain about big-ass backstock numbers, location accuracy, and rules that get ...bent in the backroom, along with anything else :) I was until recently a backroom day TM, until switching to plano a few weeks ago. One...