1. S

    Flow/Backroom TM

    Hello, I'm thinking about applying for Merchandise Flow and/or Backroom Team Member. Is it strictly overnight or would I be able to work from 10am to 6pm? I worked at Sears and best buy before in the back. What should I expect working at Target BR? Is it as bad as people say like getting...
  2. F

    Logistics Bulk Transition

    So our bulkside guy ended up quitting last week. I have been a backroom team member for over two years, but have never really messed with bulkside outside of pulls. I am now filling in until we can train another bulk tm (im in school so I dont work full-time). The only thing I am struggling with...
  3. T

    Logistics BRLA/backroom score, tips

    I work at a pretty well run store but i have a bunch of new team members in my backroom, i try my best to train them to the best of my knowledge and my TL does the same as well. our process is not backed up , but i want to find more ways and tips to improve my BRLA and BR score. we have a lot of...
  4. S


    Goodbye sales accumulator hello Sales Floor Quanity. Our store is changing to this. Has anyone piloted this ??? From reading the packet you can update shelf capacities on the spot vs sending it to my support.
  5. U

    Backroom Nightmare

    Hello to all. I'm attempting my first post, so don't judge too hard. So I applied to Target as a rebound job after my last position didn't work out due to major anxiety, which prevented me from doing the job. So desperate to get work, I mustered up the strength to apply to Target and used my...
  6. zephyr4

    Logistics Backroom Statistics and Numbers

    Are there reports I can look at that have stats for number of items pulled, number of items backstocked, and number of errors created by individual team members? I recall seeing the report regarding backroom location accuracy that has a list of team members. I'm using these numbers to track TM's...
  7. S

    Logistics I've been working dairy/frozen for a month and I still feel lost. Help?

    (WARNING: LONG POST) Alright, firstly, I do know how to do the basic requirements of my job, which is stocking dairy and frozen products, but then there's things like doing backstock with the mydevice, what the numbers mean on the labels, what carts I can and can't use, and generally when and...
  8. G

    Logistics Pulling CAF batches isn't the same anymore

    It has changed horribly over the last 2 to 3 years. The whole process has been changed so much that I pull a lot of shit that doesn't go out either because the shelves are full or people don't want to work it. Let's not forget the wonder that is pulling regurgitated back stock. I would say...
  9. A

    Logistics Training someone in backroom

    I'm the backroom trainer and on Tuesday I'll be training someone. I can train someone to close pretty easily (and done it before) but I'm not sure how I can train someone to pull CAFs other than letting him watch me do them. I'm still trying to brainstorm how I can introduce him to the...
  10. D

    Ask any Instocks/Backroom Questions :)

    A little background: Currently a Senior Logistics and Instocks Team Leader. I took over two departments consistently ranked in the bottom 5 of the group in any ranking report possible. My Logistics team is now ranked in the top 3, with a Backroom location accuracy just shy of a perfect 100% and...
  11. Thehomiesleepy

    Starbucks Backroom

    so I've been having trouble properly organizing my Starbucks Backroom what's your stores set up.
  12. K

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    In my store they opened up flex in a whole new area in the backroom and even hired a new team to go along with it. Pretty soon they're going to have it running 24/7. We even did a few orders on Thanksgiving. My ETL said it's only a couple of stores that are expanding it where we pick from the...
  13. ClearanceMaster

    NOP/Backroom problems

    We have serious problems with NOP, D-Code, Clearance and the likes at our store (I know it's like that at a lot of stores). NOP, usually until it hits 2 pallets full and then they push it. Also, our backroom will absolutely not backstock any NOP.. I usually have to sneak in and backstock a few...
  14. K

    memorizing backroom fillgroup - department number alignment

    I don't know if anyone else has done this, but do the backroom team members at your store memorize department numbers to align them with the fillgroups? it makes breaking down our trucks alot quicker 2 - PLAS, BPLS 3 - CHEM 7 - BB01, BBo2, DIPR 8, 80 - elec, belc, scty 9 - SEA1 12 - MM2 22 -...
  15. StackerMistress

    Backroom Nightmare

    So, maybe I just have a really bad memory, but I can't remember the last two Augusts+Septembers being as bad as this one. We've had a perfect storm of a bunch of the logistics team quitting at the same time + absurd amounts of clearance (including salesplans that were never originally set...
  16. Formina Sage

    MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Backroom thread!

    Let's use this thread as an ongoing discussion about all things backroom - complain about big-ass backstock numbers, location accuracy, and rules that get ...bent in the backroom, along with anything else :) I was until recently a backroom day TM, until switching to plano a few weeks ago. One...